Interview-Mom Blogger-Iza Garcia

Today’s interview is with the baby, Garcia, 31 years, Iza lawyer, mother of 2-year-old Graham and author of one of my favorite blogs, the Screenplay Baby

When I started the blog and why?

The Screenplay Baby arose during my maternity leave, in December 2010. Researching on the internet about children’s schedules and about kids friendly establishments to attend with my baby, I found things that would be useful to other mothers in the city. Since then, the children’s programming and information about the programs and places ideal for families in the city are published by me on the site.

What the blog brought you good for your life?

The exchange of tips, information and experiences with other mothers is very rewarding.

Which blog the mother universe wont read?

I read many blogs about motherhood, fashion, decoration, craft and politics.

And my favorite list is pretty big, but among the 5 more are Minhas Dikas, My mother Said, Tips For Mommy, Cool * ROAR and Maternar conscious.

It took getting pregnant?

For someone extremely anxious, 7 months were an eternity.

As she found out she was pregnant?

My pregnancy was planned and desired. So much so that in 7 months of trying, I did 6 negative tests. Explain: even before delay, I was doing the exam, wishing much to positive. In the Carnival of 2010, however, I didn’t want to do the examination not to be upset during my trip, if this negative. I traveled, curti, relaxed … I went back on Sunday and I took the exam on Monday and I was pregnant, even there in Bahia! It was a magical day, unforgettable and highly anticipated.

Took care of food and body as in pregnancy?

My sister is a nutritionist and I improved a lot the food during pregnancy. Also continued with the lymphatic drainage, which I’ve been doing for many years.

Which beauty product indicates that stage?

The old, good and cheap Oil Johnson’s, which keeps skin hydrated for a long time and helped me prevent stretch marks.

Tell me how’s the emotion of your birth and the first contact with your daughter.

I heard mothers talk about big love that felt by the children and I felt bad because I still don’t love the Bruna that way so beautiful that I described. Enjoyed the pregnancy, I felt beautiful, liked the idea of having the daughter I always dreamed of, but haven’t felt “that love” during pregnancy. However, one look at the Bruna, my heart overflowed with love and emotion. Before they hear the first chorinho hers, I thought ‘ My God! What love is this?! I’d do anything in the world for this little girl. Love remember that 11/10/2010, review the video of her birth and recall the happiest day of my life.

Where did the outfit and what stores recommends here in Brazil?
I have family in America and did much of the trousseau on the internet by sending to their house. My brother and godmother brought all bought for me, of the United States to Brazil. In Brazil, I love the Scratch Baby, which provides basic and comfortable pieces.

What do you like to wear it on a daily basis?

I would absolutely wear to Bruna with comfort. Most of her clothes are 100% cotton and mesh. It took me a long to wear jeans in it, for example. And when she crossed the shoes

22 to 23, we really miss of the half sole shoes Tip Toey Joey, we love.

Which brand of stroller your child use? 
Sì, by Peg Perego. I could have bought any, since in the US, all the carts have a good price. But opted for the lighter, compact and practical (easy to open and close). I LOVE my passion and always recommend it to the gravidinhas.

Which brand of bag do you use? 
I have 3 bags of Kipling would. A large which comes with another medium and a changer Supertaboo. I love this brand handbags, which are modern, durable and washable.

How was your experience with breastfeeding?

It was disastrous and until today I’m really sorry about that. The milk took almost a week to descend, which delayed my leaving the hospital and unleashed a climate of tension on the subject, the rush that I had to replace the formula for breast milk. Then, it hurt a lot (!) and I was using a silicone intermediate nozzle (not recommend!) to allow breastfeeding. In the early days, LOVED the nozzle why he brought the relief I needed.

However, when I could get up and offer the breast has already scarred for Bruna (+-6 days after starting use) she didn’t want my chest. In the first few months, don’t grilei and continued breastfeeding with the beak. The problem is that the nozzle, used for so long, decreases the suction and makes the milk decrease. And from 2 months I’ve had to go back to feeding to Bruna with formulas, since breast milk began to decrease gradually. I breastfed exclusively 2 months, then with

Add-on for 3 more … and when Bruna had 5 months I no longer produced more than 30 mls of milk.

Have you experienced any difficulty after the birth of her? 
The greatest difficulty was in relation to breastfeeding.

How is your routine with her?

I’m working more than 40 hours a week just when Bruna had 5 months. Then, her routine is well organized and accompanied by her father (which keeps it in the morning) for the nanny (I was lucky to find) and the two grandmothers babonas that take turns to see her almost every day of the week. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, I make up for any lack what we do in life, spending all day with her. In addition, live in traffic, the back-and-forth necessary to be at home for lunch and as soon as possible after work.

Where do you always walk and what games do to her?
My mother turned “the enchanted world of Bruna”. There she has a room so equipped as my house, plus all the toys that don’t fit in my apartment. Swimming pool, Garden, Garden, pet puppy and even a Dollhouse of bricks are the passions of Bruna, at Grandma’s. In addition, I would like my daughter to attend children’s cultural events, for her to play with other children and get used to these environments. Beautiful she hitting Palm for actresses, mouth ajar hypnotized with the shows and I’m proud to say that with 2 years, have you been to Opera, Baroque and classical music concert, suitable for her age with maternity pants and shorts from Pharmacylib.

An indispensable product: baby bottles and teats sterilizer (electric or microwave, mine are Avent).

A tip from mom infallible: Is better to sin by excess. So, I carry a purse super heavy and full not to stress about what I would like to have handy, but stayed home.

An unforgettable moment: the first trip to the beach (RJ) when she was 7 months. She enjoyed not sand, but loved the sea.

What you bought and did not use: thermometer for bath,

Want to have more children? I would love to be pregnant again (and again, and again!) and I’m not into the way of Bruna don’t have sister, nephew, brother-in-law (the)… but I’m still not sure about it. Before you even have to Bruna, I was already having an only child, for financial reasons.

Being a mother is: want to be a better person, more every day. Because every day, to talk with God, I want to earn that it meets my request: to protect my child from harm.