Instagram Launches 30-Second Commercials in News Feed

Your Instagram newsfeed is on its way to becoming a bit more invaded by various advertisements, among other things, longer video clips.

If you are using Instagram, you should probably prepare yourself to your newsfeed will be a bit more invaded by advertising from large and small companies.

Advertising is not a new approach in Instagram, for well over two years ago began advertising to find its way into the news feed, and after Facebook bought Instagram, they have also pointed out that there should be made a little more money on Instagram.

Until now, video advertising has been limited to 15 seconds, and there has been reasonable hand grip with who have purchased advertising space. Now doubled advertising time to 30 seconds so companies can really come out with his story, and advertising space can be purchased through a third-party dealer.

Further, there is a new type of advertising called Marquee which reportedly is a premium device which was supposed to be advertising with incredibly high visibility in a shorter period of time, reportedly perfect for movie premieres or product launches.

All the new initiatives to be launched globally on 30 september.