INMETRO Oversees Toys, Bicycles and Flasher

The National Institute of Metrology (Inmetro) performs next week, between 9 and 13, the special operation Santa Claus with the aim of inspecting establishments that sell toys, including children’s bikes, and Christmas fixtures, the so-called Flashers. In all, the tax should perform approximately of 2000 actions throughout the country.

Since 1992, toy certification is mandatory in Brazil therefore must contain the identification stamp of the conformity of the Inmetro, in addition to mandatory information. To verify that the product displays the seal, the consumer is assured that product meets the safety requirements-IE, does not cause physical harm to the child or contains, for example, toxic paint or component that contaminate the system. The light fixtures, must have the standard plug and display all of the required information according to Financedns.

“In the case of toys, the identification of compliance seal is the main evidence that the product meets the requirements laid down in the regulation, because it means that underwent rigorous technical tests and meets the required standards in manufacturing, which refer to issues of safety, health and environmental protection, among others. Parents or guardians must not, under any circumstances, offer the child a toy that has not been subjected to the conformity assessment procedure, namely that it does not possess the seal, “says Marcelo Monteiro, Chief of the Division of supervision and verification of compliance of Inmetro.

Another tip of the Institute for the consumer is that buy products only in formal establishments, requiring a receipt.In addition, one must have special attention with children under 3 years. In this case, even the packaging (plastic bags, cords, wires, clips, etc.) can pose a potential risk.

According to Inmetro, tests on toys are performed by laboratories accredited by the Institute, with the assessment of safety items like impact and collapse (sharp parts and spikes); bite (small pieces that can be brought to the mouth and swallowed); traction (risk of falling in dangerous end); chemical (harmful metals); flammability (risk of spread of fire); and noise (levels within the limits established by the law for the age group).

The Christmas fixtures must be safe and manufactured taking into account the requirements laid down in the regulation, both with regard to the information on your manipulation. For this reason, there is a particular attention to their plugs, which must be in the Brazilian standard, which is more secure, and cannot be made from ferrous material, avoiding damage to the electrical system and risk of fire.

If you are selling goods that do not meet the requirements set out in current regulations, the store will be subject to the prohibition or seizure and fines ranging from R $100 R $1.5 million. For claims or complaints, consumers should contact the Ombudsman of Inmetro.