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Indiana is located in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is bordered by Lake Michigan to the northwest, Michigan to the north, Ohio to the east, Kentucky to the south and Illinois to the west. The capital of Indiana is Indianapolis and it is located in Marion County. The state has a total area of 36,420 square miles which makes it the 38th largest state in terms of size. Indiana’s terrain varies from flat plains in its northern regions to rolling hills and low mountains in its southern regions. The highest point in Indiana is Hoosier Hill at 1,257 feet above sea level while its lowest point is 320 feet above sea level at Lake Michigan. The climate of Indiana can be described as humid continental with cold winters and hot summers. Average temperatures during winter range from 25-35 degrees Fahrenheit while summers reach temperatures up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit on average. Precipitation levels vary across regions with an average annual rainfall of around 40 inches across much of the state. Indiana experiences all four seasons with snowfall occurring during winter months and thunderstorms occurring during summer months.

Indiana state

Time Zone of Indiana

Indiana is located in the Eastern Time Zone (ET) of the United States. The time zone is 5 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and 4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Daylight Saving Time (DST) is observed in Indiana, which means that clocks are moved forward one hour from the standard time during spring and summer months. This means that during DST, Indiana is 6 hours behind UTC and 5 hours behind GMT. The start of DST in Indiana usually begins on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday of November each year. Most of Indiana observes Eastern Standard Time (EST) throughout the year while a small portion along its western border observes Central Standard Time (CST). This includes 12 counties located along the Illinois-Indiana border as well as Jasper, Lake, LaPorte, Newton, Porter, Pulaski and Starke Counties. During DST these counties observe Central Daylight Time (CDT). It should be noted that some areas may have their own local time zones or may observe daylight saving time differently than other parts of the state. It is important to check with local authorities for exact times when traveling within or across state lines.

Top 5 Cities in Indiana

Indiana is a state located in the Midwest region of the United States. It is home to some of the nation’s most vibrant and diverse cities, each offering unique attractions and experiences. According to countryaah, the top five cities in Indiana are Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, and Carmel.

Indianapolis is the capital city of Indiana and the largest city in the state. It is known for its vibrant downtown area with a number of museums, restaurants, bars, and other attractions. Indianapolis also hosts a number of major sporting events including the Indianapolis 500 and Brickyard 400 races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Fort Wayne is located along Indiana’s northern border near Michigan and Ohio. It is home to a bustling downtown area with many restaurants, bars, museums, and other attractions to explore. The city also hosts a number of festivals throughout the year including Fort4Fitness Half Marathon & 5K race every April as well as Summerfest Music Festival every June.

Evansville is located in southwestern Indiana along the Ohio River. It offers visitors plenty of activities such as visiting one of its many parks or taking a stroll through its historic downtown district which includes several shops and restaurants as well as art galleries and theaters. Evansville also hosts several annual festivals including West Side Nut Club Fall Festival every October which features food vendors from all over Indiana selling their specialties like pumpkin donuts or fried green tomatoes.

South Bend is located in northern Indiana along the St Joseph River near Michigan’s border. It offers visitors plenty to do such as visiting one of its many parks or taking part in an event at Century Center Convention Center which hosts events like concerts or conferences throughout the year. South Bend also boasts numerous museums such as Studebaker National Museum or Snite Museum of Art that offer visitors an opportunity to learn more about history or admire works from local artists respectively.

Carmel is located just north west of Indianapolis along Interstate 465 corridor which makes it easily accessible for visitors who want to explore all that this city has to offer such as being home to popular attractions like The Palladium concert hall or TopGolf entertainment complex where guests can enjoy some friendly competition with friends while playing golfing games indoors or outdoors depending on weather conditions outside. Carmel also hosts numerous festivals throughout year like Carmel International Arts Festival every September which showcases local talents from all over world.

Zip Codes in Indiana

According to 800ZipCodes, Indiana has a total of 621 zip codes, which are spread out across the state. The zip codes range from 46001 to 47999 and cover the entire state, including the major cities of Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend and Gary. In addition to these larger cities, many smaller towns and rural areas also have their own distinct zip codes. Zip codes are used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to help them accurately deliver mail to its intended destination. Each zip code is unique and helps ensure that mail is delivered quickly and efficiently.