HTC S740, We’Ve Tried It

At Engadget Mobile we have had the opportunity to test the HTC S740.

The HTC S740 It is a rather curious mobile. It seems to be designed for those who do not want a mobile phone with touch screen, but also want to enjoy a good, and very complete, user experience. Not in vain, just have it between your hands, have the feeling that you’re in HTC Touch Pro but without touchscreen – requiring that numeric keypad front-.

Obviously for certain types of users the HTC Touch Pro It will be better for an option, but I must admit that the HTC S740 It is a very greedy characteristics for those who need to use the mail constantly and prefer the efficiency of keyboards QWERTY physical, becoming a good alternative to Blackberry mobile.


The first feeling to have it between the hands is that it is a robust mobile but at the same time with a delicate line.

Surprised how narrow that is reminiscent of the classical models of mobile, but unfortunately it is not the only thing in which reminds them, it is also very thick – the dimensions are 116.3 × 43.4 × 16.6 mm. This is due to the sliding keyboard, which occupies much of the thickness of the phone.

The shiny front inferred him an air of exclusivity and style which predicts it a use full of fingers marked everywhere – which few models escape-.

The rear, with the Diamond design, It unifies the range and gives it that special touch, but the truth is that also makes it more vulnerable to subsequent scratches to the use.

But possibly the biggest problem of this mobile design through it access to the microSD card, which is located next to the SIM – just below this – and when opening the compartment the phone closes automatically.

The sliding keyboard

The keyboard glides very gently in a pleasant but forceful movement.

It’s a four-line QWERTY keyboard, by disappearing with independent key numbers – are in second plane-, but nor is it something that matters much given that are well accessible on the front keyboard which, fortunately, is not disabled when you open the keyboard.

It also includes the two main menu keys that mark the screen.

Being a close terminal, the keyboard is also, and while this could play against its usability, the truth is that after using it a few days an impression of comfort we have to what makes use – perfect to manage mail away from your computer -.

The screen and the camera

The screen is 2.4 inches, too small to comfortably navigate but perfect for any use. Also looks smooth under the direct and has a pretty good quality.

The camera is 3.2 megapixel and does not flash, but does some pretty interesting photos if we take into account the limitations of the camera.

It also has a dedicated button that gives quick access to the camera, ideal for capturing those unexpected photos.

Music player

The music player is quite interesting – is not the default Windows Mobile-allowing us to organize and play all our music in a simple and effective.

The HTC S740 incorporates a set of headphones that are connected by the USB input – unfortunately has no input mini jack – with a microphone and volume control.

In addition the phone itself has on one side two volume control buttons – very useful not only to listen to music – and a small speaker located close to the camera that plays audio with one quality more than acceptable for the small size that is.

The user interface

Like the rest of HTC, Windows Mobile It is masked behind the TouchFLO which gives it a more attractive appearance and interface more usable.

It is possible that it won’t be as smooth as in other models, but anyway the fluidity is impressive. The trouble, as always, is that if you want to go beyond basic applications, you should return to the classic interface of Windows Mobile, which personally I am not very fan.

Other pre-installed programs

One of the things that I think are most interesting mobile HTC It is the amount of small programs which phone brings with it and that improve the user experience.

Aside from the music player, also highlight the incorporation of Google Maps, an application that every day I use more, the reader of RSS, FM Radio and an audio amplifier – which only works with headphones.

Internet browsing

This is one of the least satisfactory aspects of the phone.

On the one hand the screen is too small to navigate with ease and, on the other, Internet Explorer Neither has been able to correctly display any of the pages to which I’ve tried to access – as wikipedia-.


The HTC S740 It is a very interesting mobile to give you more than one day by a constant use of the mail – intensive management of email, especially thanks to its physical QWERTY keyboard and a duration of the battery more than enough. It should also be noted that maximum efficiency is obtained by combining it with an account Exchange.

In addition, the supplementary features, such as camera or MP3 player, improve user experience.

On the other hand little usability of Internet Explorer and the screen size discouraged it for Internet access.

The low accessibility of the microSD card is also uncomfortable.

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