HTC Lancaster, If Want a Physical Keyboard

Although the iPhone and the various iPhone-killers have attempted to catalog to the physical keyboard as something of the past, it seems like in fashion: always comes back. In this way, even if we assume that he would establish a new range of terminals without keyboard with HTC Magic, HTC has them all and continues launching terminals with Android and with physical keyboard. HTC Lancaster (suppose it’s the code name) is basically a HTC Magic keyboard, in the same way that the HTC Touch Diamond2 is your HTC Touch Pro2.

Despite considered to the HTC Lancaster as a successor of the HTC Dream (the availability of a) physical keyboard), adopting the design of the HTC Magic, at the level of features begins to idle on all sides.

The HTC Lancaster seems to have HSPA connectivity and battery 1350mAh, quite similar to the available in the Magic, although the screen seems to have been reduced in size and resolution, being 2.8 inches with a laughable resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Likewise, the camera passes have a simple camera 3MP fixed focus with 3.2MP with autofocus and flash.

Obviously, the HTC Lancaster It maintains the Wi-Fi connectivity, support for aGPS and an interface implemented by HTC for instant messaging, unlike the previous terminals with Android Korean brand.

Moreover, the HTC Lancaster seems to be a medium range terminal with Android, that will be released by AT & T in United States for August 3 this year, which may mean that we do not arrive or the date indicated may vary to a greater or lesser extent. Although, honestly, I don’t see it at the height of his predecessors and suspends in design.