How to Get to Eilat, Israel

How to Get to Eilat, Israel


Eilat is a popular seaside resort, and international transport links are well developed here. It will not be difficult to get from many cities of Russia. There are direct flights to several regions, others will have to travel with a transfer in Tel Aviv. However, the last option is also not so bad. Check ehangzhou for other cities and countries as well as overview of Middle East.

By plane

There are direct flights to Eilat airport only from Moscow, charters fly there. The flight will take about 4 hours. From St. Petersburg to Eilat can only be reached with a transfer. Transfers in Moscow are usually inconvenient and long, so it is worth considering flying first to Tel Aviv, and from there by domestic airlines to Eilat.

By bus

Those who want to save on travel or combine a holiday on the coast with a tour of Tel Aviv should pay attention to the bus routes to Eilat. The flight to the cultural center of Israel will take less time and will cost 2 times cheaper than to the final destination of the trip. Buses to the south (Nos. 390, 790 and 394) leave from the Central Bus Station, travel time – 5 hours, tickets cost 80 ILS. The bus station in Eilat is located in the center, near the airport.

Eilat Hotels

Eilat has a variety of hotels of various categories, from huge first-class hotels to campsites and hostels, as well as new themed hotels, stylized, for example, as oriental castles, a Thai village or a village in the rainforest. The first line of the beach is occupied by five-star hotels of leading Israeli and world hotel chains. Almost all of them are well-suited for families, offering spas, outdoor pools, kids clubs, restaurants, shops, tennis courts, and sometimes even football fields. The cost of living in such places can reach up to 1500-2000 ILS, and on the south coast, 2 km from the beach, there are hotels with a price tag of 4000 ILS for a double room.

The level of prices for accommodation in Eilat is higher than in some European tourist centers. Even hostel rooms rarely cost less than 200 ILS. Holiday homes and apartments for 3-6 guests are popular. In terms of one person, the price is about the same – about 100 ILS. A room in a middle-class hotel will cost 400-800 ILS.


Public transport in Eilat is represented by buses and taxis, most routes depart from the Central Bus Station. When landing, you need to be careful – three-digit numbers (starting from No. 100) run on intercity routes. The fare costs 6.60 ILS, the ticket must be bought from the driver at the entrance to the bus. To exit, it is better to press the signal button in advance – if there are no passengers at the stop, the driver may not stop.

On Shabbat and religious holidays, getting from one part of the city to another can be problematic – there is almost no public transport.

Taxis can be hailed on the street or ordered by phone. In the latter case, the trip will cost 5 ILS more. The fare in the city varies from 20 to 50 ILS. As a rule, payment is taken by the meter, but sometimes it is possible to agree with the driver in advance on a fixed price. This is advisable if there are traffic jams on the roads – the numbers on the counter will be more than the agreed amount.

At night, taxi fares increase by 25%.

For lovers of outdoor activities in Eilat, bicycle rental is available, the most popular point is in the center, not far from the airport. When renting for 24 hours, a two-wheeled vehicle will be delivered to anywhere in the city for free, and with it a helmet, a lock and a bottle of water. The cost of a day of rental is 99 ILS for one bike and 149 ILS for 2. An hour of rental will cost 25 ILS, the second and each subsequent one is cheaper (5 hours – 70 ILS). When renting for less than 24 hours, you will have to go to the office and pick up the bike yourself.

Rent a Car

Most tourists come to Eilat for the sea and the sun, and there is enough public transport to get between the hotel and the beach. A car is useful for those who want to ride around the area or visit the Ornithological Center.

Driving around Eilat is easy and pleasant – the roads are smooth, the asphalt is good, the markings are in place. But there are traffic jams near the airport, and most of the road signs are in Hebrew. Finding a free parking space is often not difficult. It is better to leave the car in a paid parking lot (about 10 ILS per hour), such places are marked with white and blue curbs, there are parking meters nearby. To pay, you need to lower the coins, and put the received receipt under glass.

In Israel, fines for traffic violations are quite high – from 100 ILS for turning on fog lights on a sunny day to 3000-5000 ILS for drunk driving.

There are many local and international rental offices in Eilat – Avis, Hertz, Budget, Eldan and others. It is better to book in advance, so it will be cheaper. Most cars have an automatic transmission, a manual is extremely rare. A car of a budget brand will cost 550 ILS per day.

How to Get to Eilat, Israel