How to Encrypt Your Conversations and Avoids Tapping

App for iOS and Android can encrypt your conversations, so outsiders can’t listen in.

The main man behind the encryption program PGP, Phil Zimmermann, is now ready with an encryption program for mobile calls, video calls, sms, mail, and other forms of communication.

The program is called Silent Phone and is already ready for both iPhone and Android.
To use the Silent Phone, you must first download the program, which costs about 20 dollars a month to use. With your subscription you get a new phone number should be used when you want secure conversations.

The company behind the program has developed its own protocol, ZRTP, which establishes an encrypted connection between the two users, reports our site.

Communication takes place via the American corporate server, which for legal reasons stands in Canada.

It is possible to call the users who do not have Silent Phone installed and still be protected by the company’s encryption.

Silent Phone is available for download for Android and iPhone.