Hits Mobile Lowers The Price of All Its Data Bonds, from 250 MB for 3.9 Euros

Recently Hits Mobile, Valencian origin covered Vodafone virtual mobile operator, launched its first bonds of voice and data with the novelty that the included minutes are valid for calls to more than 40 countries but now it is the turn of the data credits.

Hits Mobile released their data bonus offer in March of last year with prices today were quite outdated and that with the update that we know today become not the best but if back in part to the market with bonds from 250 MB.

Bonds kept all its previous characteristics except for price, which falls between a euro and almost six. Then the new prices:

  • 250 MB bonus for 3.9 euros per month.
  • 500 MB bonus for 6.9 euros per month.
  • 1 GB bonus for 11.5 euros per month.

All bonds the excess is paid three cents per mega consumed. Bonds are also compatible with the basic rate for calls that offers calls to zero cents per minute between numbers Hits the first five minutes and three cents to other domestic destinations, with 15 cents of establishment of call in either case.