H M Anna Dello Russo Collectiona

H & M has finally announced all the accessories and the prices of garments made ​​by Anna Dello Russo for the Swedish fashion brand that will be marketed in Italy and we at Fashion Pour Femme we could not communicate them immediately. The Anna Dello Russo for H & M is really expected, mostly thanks to the quirky videos and personality of journalist, fashion blogger and fashion editor of Vogue Japan that has managed, once again, to draw attention to himself. Ready to find out the prices of the capsule collection of Anna Dello Russo for H & M?

To know in detail the prices of each of the accessory collection, we refer to the photos in our gallery although, you would get an idea, we decided to do a general overview of the collection. The jewels are definitely in the majority in the capsule collection. As for the bracelets, bangles for an ADR for H & M, you’ll have to spend an amount ranging from 29.95 up to 49.95 Euros for models with a snake. Similar prices for necklaces and if you bet on a pair of earrings, know that prices start from 19.95 Euro.

You’ll have to have a bigger budget to buy a clutch: all cost 79.95 Euro. As regards the trolley, instead, the price is 149.95 Euro but, moreover, it is still a rigid suitcase. The sandals and leather boots cost 149-179 euros, while for the cuissard figures come to 299 euros although we hope that, at least in this model, please help it.

Anna dello Russo and H & M capsule collection presentation in Paris

Anna Dello Russo strikes again and this time, back to talk about himself and his eccentric and extravagant collection for H & M accessories in Paris, at the Paris Fashion Week, the event in which big names in international fashion we are unveiling their proposals for next spring summer 2013. for Anna is not enough the fashion shower, for the launch of the ADR for H & M was no need for a big event with lots of red carpet and photographers such as the one held last night at the Paradis Latin, the famous local Parisian. After the jump you will find the video of the evening, not to be missed.

Anna Dello Russo, dressed in a blue Versace for H & M dress that showed off once again, his belly not really toned, came to the event, followed by a group of her doubles sheathed in a leather black body, fluffy hair and sunglasses.Certainly it did not go unnoticed, no doubt about it!

At the event were present, among others, the blogger Bryan Boy, Margareta van den Bosch, Ellen von Unwerth, the actress Rachel Zoe, the French model Caroline de Maigret, and Azealia Banks.

Anna Dello Russo for H & M, Fashion Shower videos and pictures of the collection

updated 07/09/2012

Anna Dello Russo and H & M revealed in a video the fruit of their collaboration, a much-anticipated line of accessories and bijoux in which the luxury style and opulence are in the foreground. The fashion editor of Vogue Japan as well as internationally renowned fashion bloggers has performed in the interpretation of the song Fashion Shower, which served as a symbol of the radio broadcast of Radio Deejay Diego and Pina where the eccentric Anna dispensed fashion tips. In short, despite the jewelry collection will be in stores H & M only since 4 October, the fashion brand low cost and Italian journalist does not lose some time and, in addition to the video , we also offer all the photos in the collection.

But what are the sensational jewelry that are part of this collection? Some, in addition to see them in the photo gallery, you can admire them in the video wearing the same Anna. The Dello Russo, in fact, perfectly in order jumpsuit wearing black leather sports a bracelet hard with big blue stone turquoise earrings coordinated. The fashionista also sports bracelets shaped like a snake, and those with animal print, up to sunglasses, probably the most over-piece of the entire collection, the only one that you should avoid.

The collection of beautiful clutches rigid, of sandals gold with vertiginous heels, necklaces shaped chain with the name of the designer, many earrings, rings and a sensational finery which is part of a necklace and a pair of earrings with emeralds, probably the most beautiful jewels of the collection.

And what do you think of this capsule collection? Waiting to live admire you should watch the video, the irony of Anna Dello Russo is really a must.

Anna Dello Russo for H & M, a collection of accessories and jewelery coming

Anna Dello Russo , eccentric fashion editor of Vogue Japan and internationally renowned fashion bloggers, is the next personality to work with H & M . Result? A closely watched capsule collection dedicated to handbags and jewelry of all kinds. The news was just made ​​official its brand from low cost fashion that is ready to launch on the market that, surely, it will show as a mini-trend collection, with accessories that reflect the quirky style and bubbly personality of this fashion icon but Italian from career and international fame. We discover advances from video and from the words of the same Dello Russo. Anna Dello Russo is really an interesting personalities of the fashion world, his style always over the top is often the subject of criticism, but we must recognize the merit of having the courage to dare and with its quirky look always she proves to have personality to spare. A fashion addicted as she has always been very fond of fashion of the Swedish brand, it really could not resist the temptation to create a line in limited edition with H & M that will be part of the autumn winter 2012 2013 .

The Dello Russo for H & M has created a range of accessories, clutch, shoes,sunglasses and jewelry sparkling and precious accessories that certainly will not make you go unnoticed thanks to a very flashy style but very glamorous.Certainly we are sure that Anna Dello Russo will wear them with the equally eccentric clothing but, of course, you can coordinate them at a more minimal look that best suits your style. Undoubtedly some of these leaders, such as bags or sandals completely declined in gold, are a bit ‘too flashy but, knowing the love of extravagant accessories Dello Russo certainly are not surprised by this choice.

But what is the fashion director for this collection? Let’s find out just by his own words: “I am very excited about this collaboration: this is the first time that H & M involves a Fashion Director in a special project. This is the sign of an important evolution in the world of fashion and I are both scared is honored to have been chosen to take the lead. I wanted to create precious accessories that were impossible to find. As a stylist I know that accessories are indispensable: is your personal touch to every outfit. With these pieces everybody can have fun, they can turn an ordinary day into a fantastic fashion day .

In short, if you want to follow the style philosophy of Dello Russo, and you also feel that the accessories, even the most inconspicuous, are fundamental in a look, on October 4, you can go in-store H & M and see with your own eyes this capsule collection.