Garfield County, Montana

Garfield County, Montana Demographics

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According to AGOODDIR, Garfield County is located in the north-central region of Montana, and borders the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. The county’s geography is varied, with mountain ranges to the west, valleys to the east, and rolling hills throughout. The county seat is Jordan, a small town located in the valley along the Marias River.

The climate in Garfield County is a semi-arid steppe climate with cold winters and hot summers. Average temperatures range from lows around 0°F (-18°C) during winter to highs around 90°F (32°C) in summer. Rainfall averages around 10 inches (25 cm) per year throughout most of the county; however, higher elevations receive more precipitation.

The population of Garfield County was estimated at 1,838 people as of 2019. Most residents live in rural areas and work in agriculture or ranching; however, there are also several small towns scattered throughout the county such as Jordan, Denton, Loma and Valier. The population is predominantly white with a small percentage of Native American residents present as well.

Economy of Garfield County, Montana

Garfield County, Montana is a rural area with a primarily agricultural economy. The area’s main industries are ranching and farming, with cattle and sheep ranching being the most common form of livestock production. Wheat, barley, hay, and alfalfa are the main crops grown in the area. The county also produces some timber products as well as natural gas and oil from drilling operations in the eastern part of the county.

The largest employer in Garfield County is Garfield County Public Schools which serves approximately 1,600 students across five different schools located throughout the county. Additionally, other major employers include a variety of retail stores and restaurants located in Jordan and other small towns throughout the county.

The unemployment rate in Garfield County is typically lower than Montana’s state average due to its low population density and small workforce. As such, there are fewer job opportunities available compared to more urban areas within Montana or elsewhere in the United States. However, many residents find work through seasonal jobs related to agriculture or ranching during peak times of year or take advantage of telecommuting opportunities if available.

Garfield County also receives funding from various state agencies for various projects including road maintenance, public safety initiatives, infrastructure development projects and economic development programs such as loans for small businesses. Furthermore, federal government programs provide additional funding for education initiatives as well as assistance programs for low-income households throughout Garfield County.

Libraries in Garfield County, Montana

According to babyinger, Garfield County, Montana is home to several public libraries spread throughout the county. The largest of these libraries is the Garfield County Public Library located in Jordan, Montana which serves as the county’s primary library. Established in 1967, the public library provides a wide range of services including access to books and other materials, online databases and research tools, as well as computer access for patrons. The library also offers free Wi-Fi access and a variety of events and programs such as book clubs, story times for kids, movie nights and more.

In addition to the main branch in Jordan, there are three branch libraries located in Loma, Valier and Denton. These smaller facilities offer a more limited selection of materials but still provide access to books, magazines and other resources along with basic computer access for patrons.

The Garfield County Libraries also collaborate with other organizations such as schools and community centers throughout the county to provide additional services such as book clubs or summer reading programs. Additionally, librarians are available to assist patrons with research help or reference questions related to their studies or work projects.

The library system also offers a variety of digital resources through its website including an online catalog where patrons can search for books by title or author as well as access e-books from anywhere with an internet connection. Furthermore, users can take advantage of subscription databases such as ProQuest Research Library which provides access to thousands of periodicals covering topics ranging from business to science and technology.

Landmarks in Garfield County, Montana

Garfield County, Montana

Garfield County, Montana is home to a variety of stunning natural landmarks that draw tourists from all over the country. Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Garfield County offers visitors a wealth of outdoor recreational activities including camping, hiking, fishing and more.

One of the most popular attractions in Garfield County is Canyon Ferry Lake which stretches for 26 miles from Townsend to near Helena. This picturesque lake offers plenty of opportunities for boating and swimming as well as fishing for walleye, pike and bass. Visitors can also explore the many trails that wind through the surrounding hillsides or take a scenic drive along Highway 12 which runs along the southern shoreline.

Just north of Canyon Ferry Lake lies Holter Lake which offers excellent trout fishing as well as plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities. The lake is fed by Hauser Creek which flows through several nearby state parks and provides access to some breathtaking views.

The area around Holter Lake is also home to some remarkable geological formations such as Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park which features an extensive system of limestone caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites formed over millions of years. Another must-see sight is Pipestone Mountain located just south of Valier where visitors can explore ancient rock formations that were created by volcanic activity millions of years ago.

Finally, no trip to Garfield County would be complete without visiting Missouri Headwaters State Park located near Three Forks. Here visitors can enjoy spectacular views from atop Madison Limestone Formation or stroll along the banks of the three rivers—the Jefferson, Madison and Gallatin—which converge here to form the Missouri River.