Galaxy S6 Edge For Festival Photos By Night: Video Shows You How It’s Done

It must be not always the LED flash: Samsung has released a new video to the Galaxy S6 edge on YouTube. In it, the photographer Jessica Lehrman explain as you can – achieve great photos even in low light conditions with the HDR mode.

Especially at festivals the HDR function of Galaxy S6 should benefit you edge – because it enables you to get beautiful snapshots in the dark. Just then, when coloured lighting in the game is in the environment, photos with HDR according to Lehrman are often good than if you used the S6-edge camera’s LED flash.

Differences In The Brightness Balance

In HDR mode the camera of the Galaxy S6 takes several pictures edge, which are then assembled by the camera app to a photo automatically. In this way, it is possible to compensate for differences in the brightness and to focus on the objects. Images can arise not only at festivals, which well capture the moment – a publication of the image on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

In the video series “Edge-Ucation” Samsung explain many of the special camera features of the Galaxy S6 edge – so for example also the 50/50 filter, which allows the splitting of an image in two areas in Snapchat photos with different colours. We have collected more photography tips with the Galaxy S6 edge for you in an appropriate Advisor.