Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

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Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Federal public academic institution of Higher Education of Brazil. It was created in 1920. It is the largest federal university in the country. It is also known as University of Brazil.


The university was created on September 7, 1920


It has its main campuses in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The most important is the University City, which is located on the artificial island of Fundão. To the south of Rio, in the Urca neighborhood, is the historic Praia Vermelha campus, where the Humanities degrees are concentrated. It also has secondary campuses in the towns of Duque de Caxias and Macaé

Knowledge areas

  • Art
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Legal Sciences
  • Math
  • human Sciences


Its facilities include seven museums, including the important National Museum, 9 hospitals, 43 libraries, and hundreds of laboratories.

Outstanding students

Outstanding students have passed through its classrooms who have left their mark both nationally and internationally. They are the architect Oscar Niemeyer, the doctor Carlos Chagas, the writer Jorge Amado and the mathematician Jacob Palis.

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)