Falmouth, Kentucky

Falmouth, Kentucky Population, Schools and Places of Interest

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According to 800ZipCodes, Falmouth, Kentucky is a small town situated in the beautiful Bluegrass region of the state. It is bordered by the cities of Cynthiana to the west, Georgetown to the north, and Paris to the south. The town has a population of approximately 2,000 people and is known for its strong sense of community and hospitality.

Cynthiana is located just 8 miles west of Falmouth and is home to a population of over 6,000 people. It was founded in 1793 and named after General Alexander Hamilton’s father-in-law, Colonel George Nicholas. Cynthiana has several historic sites that are worth visiting such as the Battle of Cynthiana Historic Park which commemorates a Civil War battle fought in 1864. The city also has a number of restaurants, shops, hotels, and other attractions that make it an ideal place for visitors to explore.

Georgetown is located about 16 miles north of Falmouth with a population size around 8500 people. It was founded in 1790 by Elijah Craig who named it after his father’s hometown in England. Georgetown was known as “the Athens of Kentucky” because it had one of the earliest academies established west of the Allegheny Mountains. Visitors can explore historic downtown Georgetown or visit attractions like Ward Hall which houses an impressive collection of antiques from all over Kentucky or Shaker Village which features 20 original buildings dating back to 1809-1810 when the Shakers first settled there.

Paris lies 12 miles south from Falmouth with a population size around 7500 people. It was founded in 1789 and named after Paris France due to its resemblance with its namesake city on the Seine riverbanks. Paris is home to many historic buildings including Old Bourbon County Courthouse which dates back to 1812 and was listed on National Register Of Historic Places since 1975; visitors can also explore notable sites such as Hopewell Museum or take part in outdoor activities at nearby Lake Carnico or Paris-Bourbon County Park.

Falmouth has much to offer both locals and visitors alike; with its proximity to nearby cities like Cynthiana, Georgetown and Paris – each offering their own unique attractions – it makes for an ideal destination for anyone looking for an enjoyable vacation experience.

Population of Falmouth, Kentucky

Falmouth, Kentucky is a small town located in the northern part of the state. It is situated about 25 miles northeast of Lexington and has a population of approximately 2,400 people. The town was founded in 1806 and named after Falmouth, England.

According to liuxers, the population of Falmouth is mostly white with just over 85% of the population being Caucasian. African-Americans make up around 11% while Hispanics make up around 2%. There are also small numbers of other ethnicities including Native Americans and Asians. The median age for residents is 36 with a slightly higher proportion of females to males (52:48). The median household income for Falmouth is $32,045 which is lower than the national average.

The majority of people living in Falmouth are employed in blue-collar occupations such as manufacturing (19%), construction (12%), transportation (10%), and retail trade (9%). The largest employers in the area include Walmart, Altec Industries, and Ford Motor Company. Additionally, there are several educational institutions located in or near Falmouth such as Georgetown College and Kentucky State University.

The town has a strong sense of community with many local businesses that have been owned and operated by generations of families from the area. In addition to its rich history, there are many recreational activities that can be enjoyed in Falmouth such as boating on nearby Lake Carnico or visiting historic sites like Ward Hall or Shaker Village which features 20 original buildings dating back to 1809-1810 when the Shakers first settled there.

Falmouth is an ideal place to visit for anyone looking for an enjoyable vacation experience with its small-town charm combined with modern amenities and recreational activities like boating or visiting historic sites nearby like Georgetown College or Kentucky State University. With its friendly atmosphere and dedication to preserving its history, it’s no wonder why so many people love calling Falmouth home.

Falmouth, Kentucky

Schools and education of Falmouth, Kentucky

Falmouth, Kentucky is home to several educational institutions, both public and private. The local public school district is the Pendleton County School District, which serves students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The district consists of four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. All of the schools in the Pendleton County School District are accredited by the Kentucky Department of Education. In addition to public schools, there are several private schools located in and around Falmouth as well. These include St. Andrew Catholic School, a parochial school for grades K-8; Kingsway Christian Academy, a non-denominational Christian school for grades K-12; and Falmouth Academy of Arts and Sciences (FAAS), an independent college preparatory academy for grades 9-12.

The Pendleton County School District works hard to provide its students with a quality education that will help prepare them for success in college or the workforce after high school graduation. The district offers a variety of academic programs designed to meet the needs of all students regardless of their abilities or interests. Students can choose from core courses such as English language arts and mathematics as well as electives like music, art, physical education, foreign language, business technology, family consumer science and more. Additionally, the district provides extra support services such as guidance counseling and special education services for those who need it most.

Landmarks in Falmouth, Kentucky

Falmouth, Kentucky is home to many historical and cultural landmarks. The most prominent of these is the Pendleton County Courthouse, located in the heart of downtown Falmouth. Built in 1884, this majestic building stands as a testament to the town’s proud history and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Other notable landmarks include the Falmouth Presbyterian Church, built in 1844; the Falmouth Methodist Church, constructed in 1876; and the Old Falmouth Hotel, dating back to 1859.

For those interested in exploring local history further, there are several museums nearby. The Pendleton County Historical Society Museum offers visitors a look at artifacts from days gone by as well as an interactive exhibit about life during World War II. The Kentucky Railway Museum is another popular destination for visitors who want to learn more about the area’s railroad history. Additionally, there are several unique attractions such as the Baker Arboretum & Gardens—a stunning botanical garden with beautiful flower beds and walking trails—and Falcon View Park—a picturesque park with playground equipment and picnic areas for families to enjoy.

The city of Falmouth also boasts a number of art galleries and performance venues for those looking for some artistic inspiration or entertainment. The Pendleton Arts Center features works from local artists while The Capitol Theatre hosts live music performances throughout the year. Finally, there are several unique shops and restaurants scattered throughout town that offer something special for everyone who visits this charming Kentucky town.