Facebook Responds Charges and Initiate Proceedings Against Yahoo

The answer could not come at a better time. A day possibly announce cut in the number of employees (say the rumors, nothing official), the Yahoo received on Tuesday a letter from Facebook answering the charges of using patents without permission. And more: the social network strikes back saying that the internet portal also has products with others patents.

According to Wired.com, the response of Facebook comes in the form of a new action. In procedural law this is called “counterclaims” and, in practice, is the former accused the author of the new action (without going into detail on the legal issue, of course). The social network says that Yahoo infringes its patents in the areas of tagging photos, generating headlines feeds, search and advertising network.

“We said we would argue strongly against the action of Yahoo. Today we recorded our answer and a counterclaim against Yahoo for infringing ten patents Facebook. “SaidTed Ullyot, general counsel of Facebook.

Yahoo and Facebook have had a lot more to intense, with the right internet portal integrating its services to the social network. Lately it seems that the marriage soured, finally coming to this court fight that promises to drag on justice American still for a few weeks.

At the moment it is necessary to wait that Yahoo give your answer to the process to continue. And we follow here, cabin, the more a fight involving technology companies. As Rafael Silva, editor TB, suggested last month: prepare your popcorn because the show is just beginning!