Facebook for iOS Wins Photo Filters and Chat Improvements

Yesterday a rumor that Twitter is planning to include photo filters style Instagram in your mobile applications ran the internet. Some time after the information is circulating, the Facebook updated its iOS app with, you see, like photo filters with Instagram, plus some welcome news for those who like to talk on the program.

The inclusion of filters in the pictures is not something unexpected by two points: Facebook bought Instagram and can do with it whatever he wants and the dedicated Facebook application photos send already had filters for some time, they were not integrated into the main application. But the timing of the leak of Twitter information may have rushed the release, who knows? Still on the photos, now you can also share more than one image at a time, something quite requested by users.

Another item that received attention in the application was the session messages, which now has a sidebar with a list of favorites, where are the people with whom a user more talk. This list is editable, so if you want to take a name to put a more important, it’s possible. All improvements were also implemented in the version for iOS application.

Despite the news, the launch of the application was not the smoothest. Shortly after available in the AppStore, users have reported several errors that have left Facebook unusable by the application. The problem, according to the social network, was on the server side and was resolved in half an hour – long enough to let the new version of Facebook embittering a 2 star qualification only at the time of publication of this post .

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