Facebook Begins Testing the HERE Maps. Comes Another Acquisition There?

You may already know that Nokia is looking for a new owner for HERE Maps. Supposedly, Apple, Yahoo, Samsung and even Baidu are among the companies interested in the service. Recently emerged over a possible buyer: Facebook.


According to TechCrunch, the maps of HERE Maps began to be tested this week on the web version of Facebook for mobile devices. The service is also being integrated with Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

To date, there is no official announcement on the matter, but Facebook has confirmed the tests to TechCrunch: “We are evaluating the HERE Maps on the social network to have more control and flexibility in delivering a consistent mapping experience.”

A Nokia representative also confirmed the partnership, “encourages us to know that our maps can be enjoyed by users of Facebook.”

If there is even purchase intent, it is difficult to know. Both companies were very careful in the answers to avoid speculation. However, the partnership suggests that Facebook has big plans for the map services.

Nothing out of the ordinary probably. One of the plans may simply be to improve the current geolocation tools – display more accurately address events, for example.

There may also be intended to improve the delivery of ads. Facebook is a giant and global social network, but it remains mainly with local advertising. map services are of great help in this respect, especially in relation to consultations with mobile devices.

The HERE Maps can be highlighted at this point because of its database. In addition to detailed maps of various places, the service has a huge range of facilities and points of interest registered, for example.

There is no confirmation from Nokia, but it is estimated that the company wants $ 2 billion for HERE Maps. It is no small thing, but some market analysts believe that the service could be worth twice because precisely the scope of its database.

For now, everything is a test. It is not clear even if Facebook will lead the service maps the version for desktop or mobile apps social network. Meanwhile, we lived with the mystery: who will get the HERE Maps?