Temple of Queen Hatsheput

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Temple of Queen Hatsheput

One of the most unusual temples in Egypt is the burial temple of Queen Hatshesput, which is located in Luxor (ancient Thebes). The city is located on the east bank of the Nile in the upper part of Egypt.

According to Directoryaah, Hatshesput is the only female pharaoh in history. Her 15 years in power was very favorable for the development of the country. The Egyptians built monuments and temples in honor of their queen. The most majestic of them was the temple in Luxor. It was no coincidence that the temple was built on this site next to the tomb of the ancestor of the Theban kings. The queen wanted to emphasize that she came to power legally and that she has every right to the throne.

Although the temple was erected far from the others, the traditions of construction have not been violated. The entrance was a large pylon, from which lay a 37-meter road to the temple itself, which was guarded by sphinxes. The area in front of the temple was enlivened by a garden of plants brought from the mysterious country of Punt and 2 sacred lakes.

The temple is unusual in that it is carved into the rocks. To get to this temple, tourists will have to swim across the legendary Nile, and then they will be taken by train cars to an unusual temple.

It consists of three very large terraces one above the other. The first and second are decorated with columns. Various scenes from the life of the Egyptians are depicted on the walls. The southern part shows how the obelisks are brought to the temple of Amun from Upper Egypt, while the northern one shows events from the reed beds growing in Lower Egypt. Such a unity of the two parts of Egypt is often found in the subject of Egyptian images. For example, the railing of the stairs leading to the third terrace is decorated with cobras with a head below, which embody the goddess of Lower Egypt, and the image of Horus of Behdetsky is a deity in Lower Egypt.

But this is only the lower part devoted to the centralization of the two parts of the country. On the second terrace you can learn about a powerful ruler. The northern part depicts the birth of Hatshesput, the plot of the southern part is the legendary trip to Punt.

The upper terrace was intended for rituals. Here in the rock there is a door leading to the sanctuary of the queen – Amon-Ra. In the past, many majestic monumental statues of Hatshesput stood on this site. They were visible to people on ships sailing the calm course of the Nile. The main hall was also decorated with a sculpture of the great queen standing on silver and gold plates, but only fragments have come down to us from it.

When the queen died, people believed for a long time that the walls of the temple helped in the healing of complex diseases and came here. For many years the temple was a ruin, but thanks to the restoration of 1961, the temple of Queen Hatshesput again attracts crowds of tourists from all over the world, telling about the majestic history of Egypt and its queen.

It is impossible to describe in one article even half of the beauty and atmosphere that you feel when you walk through a thousand-year-old temple. Once you visit, you will definitely want to come back again. This majestic temple is worth your time and attention. In addition, in addition to the temple, many attractions can be seen in the city. Colossi of Memnon, Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Temple of Ramses ╡╡, Mummification Museum, Temple of Isis – unique monuments that are waiting for you!

Beach holidays in Egypt

Egypt is one of those countries where vacationers are guaranteed comfortable conditions for a beach holiday all year round. There is always an abundance of cloudless skies, a dazzlingly bright sun and the purest sea water of the Red Sea. Holidaymakers from Russia in Egypt are attracted primarily by excellent weather conditions, fairly affordable prices, not too long a flight, a small time difference (-1 hour with Moscow), a good European level of service, the All-Inclusive system, the presence of Russian-speaking managers in many hotels. A beach holiday in Egypt is available to most Russian families who consider themselves to be in the middle class and above.

It is best to relax on the beaches in Egypt in autumn, spring and winter. At this time, the air temperature here is in the range of 25-30 degrees Celsius, which is very close to summer temperatures in Russia. The most popular resorts are Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. Hurghada is more democratic, Sharm El Sheikh is more elite and expensive.

The highlight of a beach holiday in Egypt is the amazingly beautiful underwater world of the Red Sea. Hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world come here just to swim with a mask and fins or go diving. And for this, all conditions have been created in Egypt. All resorts have diving stations where you can rent all the necessary equipment. There are also plenty of Russian-speaking diving instructors here. Climatic conditions are conducive to long calm swimming and contemplation of the inhabitants of the underwater world.

Do not forget that Egypt is often called the cradle of civilization. Curious tourists will always find something to see here. These are the pyramids in Giza, and the temples of Luxor, and the monastery of St. Catherine, and Mount Moses. You can also visit Cairo, visit the Valley of the Kings and the Colored Canyon.

Beach holidays in Egypt are possible all year round. And of course, one of its main advantages is affordable prices.

Temple of Queen Hatsheput