Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


City tours
Dubai tour operators offer city tours of various durations and at different times of the day. Since the city is small and the roads are good, a few hours are enough to get to know most of the city’s attractions, primarily the Bay, markets, dhow piers, Sheikh Said’s house, Bastakiya wind towers, Dubai Museum, Jumeirah Mosque and golf courses.

Shopping tours
Special shopping tours introduce you to some of the main markets and shopping districts of Dubai and neighboring Sharjah. Such tours are especially attractive for guests who do not have the free time to organize such a trip on their own.

Cruises on the Bay
A fun way to experience Dubai is to cruise the Bay on a wooden dhow or pleasure boat. The main sights of the city are clearly visible from the water. There are boats where you will be offered food and drinks during the day or evening trip.

Desert Safari
A visit to Dubai is incomplete without a trip to the desert. Such a trip, organized as a group tour, will allow you to look deep into the real Arabia.
The majesty and tranquility of the desert can be experienced by booking a half-day safari, a full day or a day with an overnight stay. During this eventful journey, you will visit the sands, climb mountains, visit rare camel and goat farms, see individual villages.
The safari program usually includes: jeep rides on dunes, camel rides, wadi trips, dune skiing, picnic in the desert, Bedouin village.

According to agooddir, this “sport of kings” has become one of the most spectacular competitions in Dubai. The races are held weekly during the cool season at one of the four UAE hippodromes and gather up to 15,000 spectators. The largest hippodrome is located at Nad Al Sheba Dubai Equestrian Club. This is the venue for the Dubai World Cup, the most expensive equestrian event in the world. Races are held here in the evening under the spotlights. These evening events are popular with corporate clients who can rent a private box for their members and guests.

Camel Races
Attending the camel races, which take place on Thursdays and Fridays during the winter months, can be one of the highlights of a trip to Dubai, complementing the spectacle of the countryside fair that reigns around the stadium, where vendors sell blankets, carpets, rosaries and other “village goods”. The atmosphere of horse racing at the stadium near Dubai excites and captures.
Camel owners cheer on jockeys to race the animals faster to the finish line, while trainers race their jeeps parallel to the track, kicking up clouds of dust. Unique impressions!

Dubai from the air
Those who love heights but are weak on adventure can take an exciting ride over the city in a helicopter, or fly over the city or the desert in a small plane.

Tours for bird lovers
Dubai, where up to 400 species of birds are found, attracts many bird watchers. You can order an individual tour for one or two days, a week or for a longer period with a visit to various bird habitats: parks, golf clubs, deserts, mountains and the Bay.

An hour by car separates the city from the town of Hatta with an ancient fortress and the Hatta Fort Hotel – so far the only vacation spot in the mountains in Dubai. There is also another historical and ethnographic village.
The driving experience is as impressive as the Hatta itself. The road lies among wind-polished sand dunes and colorful mountains. The tour includes a trip through Hatta wadi with its lush vegetation and diverse wildlife, a visit to the historical and ethnographic village, which reproduces samples of village architecture from 400 years ago, including a mosque, a fort, two watchtowers and about 20 houses made of stone, clay, trunks reeds and palm trees.

Abu Dhabi
The capital of the United Arab Emirates is located two hours from Dubai. Among the attractions of Abu Dhabi are the Oil Exhibition, where you can get acquainted with the history of the development of the city, and Qasr al-Hosn, a former fort and residence of the rulers. Walks along the promenade (Corniche) with fountains, visits to the shipyard where dhows are being built, and other sightseeing can also be organized. The culmination of the trip can be watching the sunset from the observation deck of the breakwater.

Al Ain
The Al Ain oasis has been a stopover for caravans since time immemorial. A trip to this picturesque area of ​​the Principality of Abu Dhabi includes an acquaintance with the Buraimi oasis, excavations of an ancient settlement in Healy, whose age is more than 5 thousand years, a visit to the Healy Fun City amusement park with many attractions, a skating rink, picturesque gardens, a miniature railway and zoo.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates