DIY:Making a Wedding Sparfum

Memories are very strongly associated with odors. That is why, for the most beautiful day of your life, it can be a special perfume that you only associate with your wedding.

The trend to choose a special perfume for the wedding comes from the USA and is very romantic.After all, you choose a fragrance that you do not wear every day, but only on very special occasions that you spend with your loved one.

One possibility: try out some exclusive fragrances in the perfumery and choose one for your wedding. An even more individual variant is, however, to create a wedding sparfum itself. For this purpose, you can combine different fragrances with your own taste and create your own perfume for the wedding.

From 49.90 € you can make yourself a great, individual wedding fragrance.From the fragrances chosen by you, experienced Duftexperten create your individual perfume.

And best of all, you can choose a flacon, which you like particularly well, to label it with your name and eg wedding date.

Traditionally, especially the bride chooses a wedding sparfum, but why should not the bridegroom individually smell on the wedding day?Create a unique set for the bride and groom together.

Our tip:put your wedding sparfum on your big day at the wrists, behind the ears, in the elbow bows and on the ankles – so the fragrance lasts for a very long time.

Wedding sparfum – how it’s done

  1. At our site, you first choose the scent type:sporty, feminine, glamorous, sensual or natural.
  2. Then you decide what kind of perfume you prefer.For the natural scent type you choose for example: Mediterranean, extravagant, bright grasses, noble woods, apart or oriental.The sporty scent type has the choice of: Fruity, natural, fresh, citrus, Mediterranean or extravagant.
  3. Now you choose up to 6 fragrances for your wedding sparfum.From vanilla to tangerine to orchid, you will be offered some fragrances that match your previous details.You can also choose from a total of 50 fragrances.Practical information makes the selection easier.By the way, the fragrance system was developed in such a way that the head, heart and base marks are balanced in every perfume creation.
  4. If your scent is put together, you will be looking for the bottle.Whether narrow or wide, transparent or red, discreet or extravagant – there are 16 bottles available.
  5. Finally, you can label the bottle individually.Enter the text, select a font, or even upload your own logo or photo.
  6. In the overview you can see your own labeled bottle with the selected fragrances and the final price.Starting at € 49.90 you get your very own wedding sparfum.

When you can carry your wedding sparfum

The fragrance of your wedding is very special and evokes the beautiful memories of the wedding day.

So wear your wedding sparfum on special occasions, where you want to revel in the wedding with your loved one and awaken the emotions of the wedding.

This can be for example:

  • In the honeymoon
  • On your wedding day
  • A romantic candlelight dinner for two

Surely you have other opportunities to wear your wedding garb.In any case, you make an everyday moment special.

Wedding sparfum as morning

Also as an individual morning, a self-made perfume is a great idea.Surprise your sweetheart or your loved one with a marriage fragrance of only for her or him.The exclusive European fragrances and French glass bottles for self-shaping make this morning something special.