Dillon County, South Carolina

Dillon County, South Carolina Demographics

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According to AGOODDIR, Dillon County is located in the southeastern part of South Carolina, just south of Florence County. The county covers an area of 811 square miles and is bordered by Marlboro County to the north, Robeson County to the west, and Horry County to the south. The county’s terrain is largely flat with some rolling hills scattered throughout. The Little Pee Dee River flows through the county from east to west, while two other smaller rivers, Beaverdam Creek and Horsepen Creek, also run through Dillon County.

The climate in Dillon County is typical of humid subtropical regions with hot summers and mild winters. Average temperatures range from a low of 35 degrees F in January to a high of 90 degrees F in July and August. The area receives an average annual rainfall of 44 inches per year with most precipitation occurring during late spring and early fall months.

The population of Dillon County was estimated at 33,064 people as of 2019. This population is spread out across numerous small towns such as Latta, Lake View, Little Rock, Fork, and Mullins. The largest city in the county is Dillon which has a population of approximately 6,500 people. There are also several unincorporated communities including Sellers and Sardis. The majority (83%) of residents are White while 15% identify as African American or Black; Other races make up 2% of the population. Most residents (86%) are native-born while 14% are foreign-born immigrants from countries such as Mexico or Guatemala.

Economy of Dillon County, South Carolina

Dillon County is largely an agricultural economy with a focus on tobacco, poultry, and dairy production. The county also produces significant amounts of hay, corn, sweet potatoes, and other vegetables. Much of the agricultural produce is sold at local markets or shipped to larger cities for sale. Additionally, Dillon County has a thriving timber industry with vast tracts of pine forests providing lumber for the local economy as well as export to other parts of the country.

Manufacturing is also an important part of Dillon County’s economy. There are several large factories in the area that produce items such as textiles, furniture, paper products, and plastics. Other major employers in the region include healthcare providers such as hospitals and clinics as well as retail stores and restaurants.

The unemployment rate in Dillon County was 3.3% in 2019 which is slightly lower than the national average of 3.7%. The median household income for the county was $37,907 which is lower than both state ($50,570) and national ($61,937) averages. However, poverty rates are significantly lower than both state (21%) and national (13%) averages with only 17% of residents living below poverty line.

Dillon County has a strong economic base with agriculture being its main industry followed by manufacturing and retail services. Despite having a slightly lower median household income compared to other counties in South Carolina or nationwide there are plenty of job opportunities available for those looking to work in this area.

Libraries in Dillon County, South Carolina

According to babyinger, Dillon County is served by a network of public libraries offering an array of services to the community. The main library in the county is the Dillon County Public Library located in the town of Dillon. The library offers a wide selection of books, magazines, and other media materials as well as free access to computers and internet. Additionally, patrons can attend various events such as book clubs, movie nights, and story times throughout the year.

The library also provides a range of educational programs for children and adults including GED classes, English language classes for immigrants, and computer classes. Additionally, patrons can take advantage of reference services such as homework help or access to special collections with rare materials.

In addition to the main library in Dillon, there are several branch libraries located throughout the county in towns such as Latta, Lake View, Sellers, and Sardis. These smaller branches offer much of the same services as the main library but on a smaller scale.

Dillon County has an excellent public library system that provides essential services to its residents such as access to books and other media materials as well as educational programs and reference services. This system helps ensure that all members of the community have access to the resources they need in order to be successful both academically and professionally.

Landmarks in Dillon County, South Carolina

Dillon County, South Carolina

Dillon County, South Carolina is home to a wide variety of landmarks and attractions. One of the most popular attractions is the Dillon County Courthouse, which has been the county seat since its establishment in 1883. The courthouse is a stunning example of late 19th century architecture and features a large clock tower that can be seen from miles away.

The historic downtown area of Dillon is also a great place to explore with its many shops, restaurants, and historic buildings. The oldest building in the town is the Old Jailhouse Museum which was built in 1844 and now houses artifacts from local history.

In addition to these landmarks, Dillon County offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing on Lake Wallace or exploring one of the many local parks such as Dillon Park or Little Pee Dee State Park. Other popular attractions include golf courses, bike trails, and other recreational areas.

Dillon County also offers visitors plenty of cultural activities such as art galleries, museums, theater performances, and live music venues. The city hosts several events throughout the year including festivals celebrating local culture and traditions as well as concerts featuring both local and national acts.

Dillon County offers something for everyone from historical sites to outdoor activities to cultural events. Whether you’re looking for an educational experience or just want to relax in a beautiful setting there’s something for everyone here in Dillon County.