DeSoto County, Mississippi

DeSoto County, Mississippi Demographics

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According to AGOODDIR, DeSoto County, Mississippi is located in the north-western corner of the state and is bordered by Tunica County to the east, Tate County to the south, Marshall County to the west, and Fayette County to the north. It covers an area of approximately 619 square miles and has a population of approximately 160,000 people.

The county is home to two major rivers – the Coldwater River and Nonconnah Creek – as well as several lakes such as Sardis Lake, Arkabutla Lake, Enid Lake, and Chotard Lake. The terrain of DeSoto County is mostly flat with rolling hills in some areas. The climate here can be described as temperate with four distinct seasons. Summers are hot and humid while winters are typically mild with occasional snowfall.

The population of DeSoto County is largely white (77%) followed by African American (20%), Hispanic (2%), Asian (1%), Native American (0.3%), and other races/ethnicities making up the remaining 0.7%. The median household income here is $63,853 which is slightly higher than that of Mississippi as a whole ($44,358). Additionally, 24% of DeSoto residents live below poverty level which is significantly lower than both Mississippi’s rate (23%) and national rate (14%).

In terms of education, DeSoto County has one public school district – Desoto Public School District – that serves more than 25 schools spread across several cities including Hernando, Southaven, Horn Lake, Olive Branch, Walls and Nesbit. Additionally, there are several private schools in the area such as St John’s Episcopal School in Hernando and St George’s Independent School in Collierville.

Finally, there are plenty of activities for people living in or visiting DeSoto County such as hiking trails at Arkabutla Lake Park or biking trails at Landers Center Bike Park. Other activities include fishing at Sardis Lake or golfing at Spring Creek Ranch Golf Course which offers 18 challenging holes for golfers of all skill levels. There are also numerous museums like Snowden House Museum & Gardens which offer educational tours about local history or explore downtown Hernando where visitors can find unique shops offering unique gifts or souvenirs from their trip to DeSoto County.

Economy of DeSoto County, Mississippi

The economy of DeSoto County, Mississippi is diverse and growing. The county is home to several major industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, education, and retail. Manufacturing is the largest sector in the county, accounting for over 30% of all jobs. This sector includes companies such as Whirlpool Corporation, which produces appliances; Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company; and Smith & Nephew which manufactures medical devices.

Healthcare is another major industry in DeSoto County. The county has two major hospitals – Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto and Methodist Olive Branch Hospital – as well as numerous smaller clinics and healthcare facilities. This sector provides a variety of jobs ranging from nurses to lab technicians to administrative staff members.

Education is also an important part of the economy in DeSoto County with several colleges located within its borders including Northwest Mississippi Community College, the University of Memphis-DeSoto Center, Southwest Tennessee Community College-DeSoto Campus, and Delta State University-Southaven Campus. These institutions offer a variety of degree programs ranging from associate’s degrees to doctoral programs that help prepare students for successful careers in their chosen fields.

Retail is another key industry in DeSoto County with several large shopping centers located throughout the area including Southaven Towne Center and Tanger Outlets Southaven – both offering a variety of stores and restaurants for shoppers to enjoy. Additionally, there are numerous smaller stores throughout the county that offer unique items or services not found elsewhere.

Finally, tourism plays an important role in the local economy with numerous attractions drawing visitors from all over the world each year such as Tunica National Golf Course – one of only three courses designed by Jack Nicklaus in Mississippi; Snowden House Museum & Gardens; Arkabutla Lake Park; Landers Center Bike Park; Spring Creek Ranch Golf Course; and more. These attractions bring both money into the local economy through tourism expenditures as well as jobs related to tourism activities such as hospitality workers or tour guides.

DeSoto County’s economy is thriving due to its diverse mix of industries ranging from manufacturing to retail to education to healthcare and more. With its strong job market and attractive amenities for tourists, it’s easy to see why so many people choose this area for their home or vacation destination.

Libraries in DeSoto County, Mississippi

According to babyinger, DeSoto County, Mississippi is home to several libraries that provide a variety of services to the community. From public access to books and other resources to educational programs and activities, these libraries play an important role in promoting literacy and enriching the lives of those who live in the area.

The DeSoto County Library System consists of seven library branches located across the county. These include the Hernando Public Library, Olive Branch Public Library, Lewisburg Public Library, Southaven Public Library, Horn Lake Public Library, Walls Public Library, and Nesbit Public Library. Each branch offers a variety of services for patrons including book loans, computer access with internet connection, study areas for students or researchers, programming for children and adults alike such as story times or lectures from local experts on various topics. Additionally, all branches have an online catalog system that allows patrons to search for books or other resources from any location with internet access.

The libraries in DeSoto County also offer educational programs such as GED classes or English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at select locations. Additionally, there are story times designed specifically for young children that help them learn early literacy skills such as letter recognition and phonics. For teens and adults alike there are book clubs that meet regularly to discuss books they’ve read together as well as lectures on various topics from local experts in their fields.

Finally, all branches of the DeSoto County Libraries offer access to digital materials like e-books or audiobooks that can be downloaded onto personal devices like tablets or smartphones with a library card number — making it even easier for people to enjoy reading wherever they may be.

DeSoto County’s library system is an invaluable resource for its citizens providing access to books and other materials along with educational programs that help enrich their lives both personally and professionally. Whether you’re looking for something fun or educational you can find it at one of the many libraries throughout the county.

Landmarks in DeSoto County, Mississippi

DeSoto County, Mississippi

DeSoto County, Mississippi is home to many beautiful and iconic landmarks. One of the most well-known is the Hernando DeSoto Bridge, a suspension bridge that spans the Mississippi River. The bridge was built in 1973 as a part of Interstate 55, and it provides an important connection between Memphis, Tennessee and Arkansas. The bridge is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike to take in the views of the river below or just simply to admire its impressive architecture from afar.

Another iconic landmark in DeSoto County is the historic Hernando Courthouse Square. This square dates back to 1836 when it was first established as one of the first county seats in Mississippi. It has since been restored and now serves as a public park with plenty of green space for visitors to enjoy a picnic or take part in activities like outdoor concerts or festivals. The courthouse itself still stands today, providing an interesting glimpse into DeSoto County’s past with its impressive architecture and old-world charm.

The Old Towne Olive Branch Historic District is another popular landmark in DeSoto County that offers visitors a unique glimpse into its history. This area was once home to Native Americans before being settled by European settlers in 1836. Today, it’s been restored with many original buildings still standing including churches, homes, and stores from that era which give visitors an interesting look at what life was like before modern times.

The Southaven Towne Center is another landmark located within DeSoto County that offers plenty of entertainment for residents and visitors alike. Here you can find plenty of shopping opportunities as well as restaurants, movie theaters, bowling alleys, and even an ice rink. It’s also home to several annual festivals such as the Southaven Springfest which celebrates local businesses while offering live music performances from some of Mississippi’s best musical acts.

Finally, there are several natural landmarks located throughout DeSoto County that are worth visiting if you’re looking for some outdoor recreation such as hiking trails or bird watching opportunities. The Desoto National Forest provides over 200 miles of trails perfect for those who love nature while nearby lakes like Lake Cormorant provide plenty of fishing opportunities for anglers looking for their next big catch.

There are plenty of interesting landmarks throughout DeSoto County including historic sites like the Hernando Courthouse Square or Old Towne Olive Branch Historic District; man-made attractions like the Hernando De Soto Bridge or Southaven Towne Center; and natural wonders like Desoto National Forest or Lake Cormorant providing something for everyone who visits this beautiful region.