Congress City Life in 3D: “Light Follows the People”

Periodically, the Foundation “Lebendige Stadt” leaders from business, politics, culture and research gathered to confront the urban problems of our time. Because nothing less than the future of our cities is the organization called for the new millennium in the life.

And so a whole series of high-profile personalities arrived on Friday again, to give new impetus to the modern and future-oriented urban design in Frankfurt on the airport roof terrace “The Squaire” with their contributions and discussions to the Congress “City life in 3D – living = works = be?”.

It was about living, working and being in the city at the three days of the Conference. The city of the future, urban green and the much cited work-life-balance, innovative living concepts, advantages, and biodiversity. And to light.

Yes, light. Since light contributes very much to all of the fields that make up the urban life. To well-being, the workplace, the cityscape – and in particular on the security.

Because if it is missing, the right light, then we, as CEO of Philips explains Andreas Wente, to do with the “dark spots” of urban spaces. Quite literally: with the poorly lit areas, which are to be found in many cities and which are perceived as threatening.

In the area of railway underpasses around “Ugliness tubes”, “Zones, where the driver automatically goes to the gas”, as which it says lighting designer Michael Batz, which transforms such “anxiety room” together with Philips and the Foundation in “qualified public spaces”.

And puts it on LED. Size: Today is to do what was unthinkable just three or five years ago, with LED Wente says. The technology is so the top Philips man, on one of the economically, we now have available.

It’s not just about energy efficiency, electricity costs and CO2 emissions, but also the electronic dimming and control over the use of LEDs in outdoor lighting with it brings. “The light follows the people,” said Wente. So is tailored to the needs, for example automatically brighter, if late walkies deal quickly with the little dog.

And because the Foundation organizes not only congresses, but supports also projects and stands out and directly addressed problems that Batz two pilot projects in terms of train underpasses lighting portrays a success story, which you now want to repeat.

A Düsseldorf a hamburger problem bridge Batz and his cooperation partner with LEDs designed attractive and safe and have thus made the breeding ground for more inner-city projects: in 24 cities is underway currently to analyse the urban space through the illumination of train underpasses. the projects supported by the Foundation with 25,000 euro.