Coldwater, Mississippi

Coldwater, Mississippi Population, Schools and Places of Interest

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Coldwater, Mississippi is located in the northwest corner of the state, just a few miles north of Memphis. The city borders the cities of Horn Lake and Southaven to the east, Hernando to the south, and Olive Branch to the west. Coldwater is surrounded by several small towns and villages including Nesbit, Walls, Lewisburg, and Cockrum.

Nesbit is a small town situated about five miles southwest of Coldwater. It has a population of around 500 people and is home to several churches as well as a few local businesses. Nesbit has been around since 1836 when it was first established as a trading post by William Nesbit.

Walls is located about five miles southeast of Coldwater in Desoto County. This town was founded in 1883 when JW Walls opened up a store that became known as Walls Store. Today, Walls offers its residents quiet country living with plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting nearby at Sardis Lake or in nearby Tunica County.

Lewisburg is located ten miles east of Coldwater in Marshall County on Highway 72. It was founded in 1836 by Levi Lewis who established a store there that served as an important trading post for travelers heading to Memphis from other parts of Mississippi or Arkansas. Today, Lewisburg boasts several churches, businesses, and recreational opportunities such as golfing at Lost Creek Golf Course or visiting nearby Chewalla Lake for fishing or boating activities.

Cockrum is situated about three miles north of Coldwater on Highway 51 near Horn Lake. This small town was first settled in 1839 when William Cockrum opened up his general store there; today it still stands although it has been converted into a museum where visitors can learn more about its history and importance during the Civil War era when it served as an important supply route for Confederate troops passing through on their way to battle at Shiloh National Battlefield Park near Corinth Mississippi.

Overall, Coldwater’s bordering cities and towns offer residents plenty of historical sites to explore along with outdoor recreational opportunities like fishing, hunting, golfing, hiking trails and more. Whether you are looking for someplace to live or visit while you are in Mississippi be sure to check out these neighboring towns.

Coldwater, Mississippi

Population of Coldwater, Mississippi

Coldwater, Mississippi, is a small city located in Desoto County, about 10 miles east of Memphis. It has a population of about 5,000 people and is part of the larger Memphis metropolitan area. Coldwater has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1836 as a trading post by William Nesbit.

The majority of the population in Coldwater is white (72%) followed by African American (24%), Native American (2%), Asian (1%), and other races (1%). The median age of the city’s residents is 38 years old and the median household income is $43,000 per year. The city’s unemployment rate hovers around 4%.

The largest employers in Coldwater are manufacturing companies such as Florsheim Shoes, which employs over 1,000 people; and Waupaca Foundry which employs over 800 people. Other major employers include Walmart Neighborhood Market and Tyson Foods.

Education in Coldwater is provided by Desoto County Schools which consists of seven public schools: four elementary schools, one middle school and two high schools. There are also several private schools located within the county including St. Paul Catholic School and Immaculate Conception Academy.

The cost of living in Coldwater is relatively low compared to other cities in the area with the average home price ranging from $100,000 to $200,000 depending on size and location within the city limits. The crime rate in Coldwater is low compared with other cities in Mississippi with an overall crime rate that is 22% lower than the national average.

Overall, Coldwater provides its residents with a safe place to live while offering plenty of recreational activities such as fishing at Sardis Lake or golfing at Lost Creek Golf Course as well as easy access to nearby attractions like Tunica Casino or Shiloh National Battlefield Park for those looking for a day trip outside of town.

Schools and Education of Coldwater, Mississippi

According to, education in Coldwater, Mississippi is provided by Desoto County Schools which consists of seven public schools: four elementary schools, one middle school and two high schools. The elementary schools are Coldwater Elementary School, Southaven Elementary School, Horn Lake Elementary School and Hernando Elementary School. Desoto Central Middle School serves as the middle school for the district and DeSoto Central High School and Southaven High School serve as the two high schools. The district also includes a special education center and an alternative school.

The district is dedicated to providing quality education to its students with a focus on preparing them for college or career paths after graduation. To this end, they have implemented several initiatives such as providing access to advanced placement classes, offering dual enrollment programs with local colleges and universities, and providing tutoring services for students who need extra help in core subjects.

The district also provides access to extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs, student organizations and community service opportunities. These activities give students the opportunity to explore their interests while developing skills like teamwork, leadership and communication that will be beneficial in college or their future careers.

In addition to the public school system in Coldwater there are several private schools located within the county including St. Paul Catholic School and Immaculate Conception Academy which offer religious-based education options for families looking for an alternative option for their children’s education.

Overall, Coldwater provides its residents with quality educational options that are focused on preparing students for success after graduation whether that be college or career paths. With a wide variety of extracurricular activities offered there is something for everyone interested in exploring their interests outside of the classroom while developing important skills that will help them succeed in life beyond schooling.

Landmarks in Coldwater, Mississippi

Coldwater, Mississippi is a small town located in Tate County. It is known for its beautiful landscapes and rich history. There are several landmarks in the area that offer a glimpse into the past and provide visitors with an opportunity to experience the charm of this quaint town.

According to DIRECTORYAAH, the first landmark to mention is the Coldwater Baptist Church. This historic church was built in 1867 and has been providing spiritual guidance to residents ever since. The church still holds regular services and is open to visitors who wish to explore its interior and learn more about its history.

Another popular landmark in Coldwater is the Coldwater Cemetery. This cemetery dates back to the early 1800s and includes graves from some of Coldwater’s earliest settlers. The cemetery serves as an important reminder of the town’s past and provides a peaceful place for reflection for those who visit it.

The Third Street Bridge is another iconic landmark in Coldwater that has been standing since 1909. It was built over a creek bed, providing access to both sides of town, but it has since been closed off due to safety concerns. The bridge still stands today, though, providing visitors with a glimpse into the past as they drive by it on their way into town.

The Old Cotton Gin is another historic landmark located in Coldwater that offers an interesting look into how cotton was processed during early settlement times in Mississippi. The building still stands today and can be seen from many points throughout town including from nearby roads or even across Lake Tate itself.

Finally, there is also the historic DeSoto Central High School which was built in 1924 and served as one of the first public high schools in Tate County at that time. This school building still stands today and serves as an important reminder of how far education has come over time while also providing visitors with a chance to explore its unique architecture up close.

In conclusion, there are several landmarks located throughout Coldwater, Mississippi that offer visitors an insight into this charming small-town’s rich history while also providing them with opportunities to explore some truly unique architecture up close. From churches dating back centuries ago to old cotton gins from early settlement times, there are plenty of landmarks worth visiting when you’re exploring this part of Mississippi.