Clinton, Maryland

Clinton, Maryland Population, Schools and Places of Interest

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Clinton, Maryland is a small town located in Prince George’s County, just outside of Washington D.C. It is bordered by the towns of Accokeek, Fort Washington, and Brandywine to the north; Beltsville and Greenbelt to the east; Camp Springs and Andrews Air Force Base to the south; and Waldorf and White Plains to the west. The population of Clinton is approximately 10,000 people, making it an ideal place for families looking for a quiet but convenient suburb.

The town of Clinton is known for its friendly atmosphere and suburban charm. Many residents enjoy spending time outdoors at one of several parks in the area including Henson Creek Park, which offers walking trails and playgrounds for children. The town also has a thriving shopping district with stores ranging from big-box retailers to small boutiques selling unique items.

Clinton’s economy is largely driven by its proximity to Washington D.C., with many residents commuting into the city each day for work or leisure activities. The town also has a number of major employers including Andrews Air Force Base, which provides employment opportunities in government contracting as well as military service related positions.

In addition to its economic advantages, Clinton is home to several educational institutions such as Prince George’s Community College and University of Maryland University College (UMUC). Both schools provide students with high-quality education programs that prepare them for successful careers in their chosen fields. The town also has several public schools which offer excellent learning opportunities for children from kindergarten through grade 12.

Overall, Clinton is a great place to live with plenty of amenities that make it an ideal choice for families looking for a safe community near Washington D.C.. Residents here enjoy easy access to all that D.C has to offer while still being able to take advantage of all that this charming suburb has to offer – from outdoor recreation areas and shopping options to educational opportunities.

Clinton, Maryland

Population of Clinton, Maryland

The population of Clinton, Maryland is approximately 10,000 people. This small suburban community offers a unique blend of modern amenities and a friendly atmosphere that make it an ideal place for families to live.

The racial makeup of Clinton is fairly diverse. According to the 2010 census, the town is predominantly White (66.1%), followed by African American (21.5%), Hispanic or Latino (7.2%), and Asian (4.9%). This diversity makes Clinton an open and welcoming place for all residents regardless of background or ethnicity.

In terms of age, the largest demographic in Clinton are those aged 25-44 years old (35% of the population). This is followed by those aged 45-64 years old (25%) and those aged 18-24 years old (17%). These older age groups make up the majority of the population in Clinton as they are likely to be parents or grandparents looking for a safe and quiet suburb to raise their family in close proximity to Washington D.C..

The median household income in Clinton is $77,908 with a poverty rate of 7%. This higher than average income level reflects the town’s proximity to Washington D.C., which provides many residents with employment opportunities that offer higher salaries than other parts of Maryland.

In terms of education, around 75% of adults over 25 years old have obtained a high school diploma or higher while about 30% have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher from a college or university program. The town also has several public schools which offer excellent learning opportunities for children from kindergarten through grade 12 as well as Prince George’s Community College and University of Maryland University College (UMUC).

Overall, Clinton offers its residents an array of advantages from its convenient location near Washington D.C., diverse population, strong economy, excellent educational opportunities, and friendly atmosphere – making it an ideal choice for families looking for a safe community near the nation’s capital.

Schools and Education of Clinton, Maryland

According to, Clinton, Maryland is a suburban area located just outside of Washington D.C. that provides its residents with excellent educational opportunities. The town is served by the Prince George’s County Public School System, which serves over 130,000 students in the county and offers a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of all students. The public schools in Clinton offer quality education from kindergarten through grade 12 and are highly rated according to state standards.

In terms of higher education, Prince George’s Community College and University of Maryland University College (UMUC) are both located in Clinton and provide access to higher learning for those looking for additional education beyond high school or an associate degree. Prince George’s Community College offers a variety of majors such as business administration, engineering technology, nursing, and computer science. UMUC is an online university that provides accredited bachelor’s and master’s degrees in various fields including business administration, information technology, accounting, finance and communications. Both institutions are highly regarded in the community for their quality programs and student support services.

In addition to traditional public schools and higher education institutions, Clinton also has several private schools that offer quality education options for families who want a more personalized learning experience for their children. These private schools include St Mary’s Academy which offers kindergarten through 8th grade instruction; St Michael’s Catholic School which offers pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade instruction; Oak Hill Academy which offers pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade instruction; and Christian Light School which provides a faith-based curriculum from pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade instruction.

Overall, Clinton provides its residents with excellent educational opportunities from quality public schools to well-regarded higher learning institutions as well as private school options for those who want an alternative approach to education. With these resources available at their disposal, families living in Clinton can rest assured knowing their children will receive the best possible educational experience no matter what path they choose.

Landmarks in Clinton, Maryland

According to DIRECTORYAAH, Clinton, Maryland is a small town located in Prince George’s County and is home to many historical landmarks. The most prominent landmark located in Clinton is the Surratt House Museum, which was built in 1852 by John and Anna Marie Surratt as a tavern and post office. The house has been restored to its original condition, and it now serves as a museum that focuses on the history of the town and its residents. Other notable landmarks include the Clinton United Methodist Church, which was founded in 1855; the Clinton Academy, which was founded in 1758; the Old Brick Storehouse, which dates back to 1803; and the Old Post Office, which dates back to 1829.

In addition to these historic sites, there are also several parks located in Clinton that offer visitors a chance to relax and enjoy nature. These parks include Rose Valley Park, Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary, Mattawoman Creek Park, Indian Head Rail Trail Park and Western Branch Park. All of these parks provide visitors with plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking trails, picnic tables, playgrounds and fishing spots.

Another popular landmark located in Clinton is the William B. Wade House & Museum. This house was built by William B. Wade in 1895 as his personal residence but today it serves as a museum dedicated to preserving local history through artifacts from Maryland’s past. Visitors can explore various exhibits about local agriculture practices or learn about early 20th century life through period furniture pieces and photographs from around the area at this museum.

Finally, one of Clinton’s most iconic landmarks is its Main Street District where visitors can find unique shops selling antiques and collectibles or take advantage of restaurants offering delicious meals from all over the world including Italian cuisine or Mexican dishes. The Main Street District also offers entertainment such as live music performances or art galleries featuring local artists’ work for visitors looking for something more cultural during their trip to this small town.

Overall, Clinton offers visitors a variety of interesting landmarks ranging from historic sites like the Surratt House Museum or William B Wade House & Museum to outdoor recreational areas like Rose Valley Park or Mattawoman Creek Park for those looking for some relaxation time outdoors. With so much culture packed into this small town it’s no wonder that thousands flock each year just to experience what makes Clinton so unique.