Clearfield County, Pennsylvania

Clearfield County, Pennsylvania Demographics

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According to AGOODDIR, Clearfield County is located in the west-central region of Pennsylvania, and is bordered by Centre, Jefferson, Elk, Cameron and Clinton counties. The county has a total area of 890 square miles and the population as of 2019 was 81,642 people. Clearfield County is part of the Moshannon Valley Region and consists mainly of rolling hills and valleys. The highest point in the county is Keating Summit with an elevation of 2,817 feet above sea level.

The climate in Clearfield County is humid continental with cold winters and hot summers. Average temperatures range from a low of 24 degrees Fahrenheit in January to a high of 85 degrees Fahrenheit in July. The average annual precipitation for Clearfield County is 40 inches, with most occurring during late spring to early fall months. Snowfall averages around 37 inches per year.

Clearfield County’s population is largely rural with small towns dotting the landscape. The largest city in Clearfield County is DuBois with a population of 7,794 people as of 2019. Other cities include Curwensville (2,735), Clearfield (5,945), Brockway (1,908) and Mahaffey (539). The majority of the county’s population lives outside these cities in rural areas or small townships such as Lawrence Township which has a population of 2,163 people as of 2019.

Clearfield County has several higher education institutions including Penn State DuBois campus which offers associate degrees through its two-year program and bachelor’s degrees through its four-year program; Lock Haven University at Clearfield Campus which offers associate degrees; Pennsylvania Highlands Community College which offers two-year programs; and Lock Haven University at Dubois Campus which offers bachelor’s degree programs.

Clearfield County also has plenty to offer when it comes to outdoor recreation opportunities including several state parks such as Parker Dam State Park which features camping sites, fishing spots and hiking trails; Sizerville State Park which features biking trails; Bald Eagle State Park which features camping sites; Canoe Creek State Park which features fishing spots and walking trails; Black Moshannon State Park which features camping sites; Denton Hill State Park which features skiing slopes; Elk Country Visitor Center where visitors can learn about elk conservation efforts throughout Pennsylvania; Quehanna Wild Area where visitors can explore over 75000 acres including hiking trails that go through untouched forests filled with wildlife; Shaffer Run Natural Area for those seeking a tranquil escape into nature without leaving civilization too far behind them; Treasure Lake where visitors can enjoy fishing or swimming during summer days or ice skating during winter days;and many more.

Clearfield County provides an ideal mix of rural living combined with plenty of recreational opportunities to keep everyone entertained all year round.

Economy of Clearfield County, Pennsylvania

Clearfield County, Pennsylvania is a rural county located in the north-central portion of the state. With a population of approximately 80,000 people, it is one of the least populous counties in Pennsylvania. The county seat is Clearfield and other cities include Curwensville, Brockway, and Mahaffey. Clearfield County has several higher education institutions including Penn State DuBois campus which offers associate degrees through its two-year program and bachelor’s degrees through its four-year program; Lock Haven University at Clearfield Campus which offers associate degrees; Pennsylvania Highlands Community College which offers two-year programs; and Lock Haven University at Dubois Campus which offers bachelor’s degree programs.

The economy of Clearfield County has traditionally been based on natural resources such as timber, coal, and gas. In recent years, however, the county has experienced an economic shift towards more diverse industries such as manufacturing, health care, hospitality services, retail trade and professional services. The largest employers in the county are Penn State DuBois campus with over 2200 employees; Central PA Regional Medical Center with over 1800 employees; Walmart with over 800 employees; Eaton Corporation with over 500 employees; and Geisinger Health System with over 400 employees.

The unemployment rate in Clearfield County is lower than both that of the state average as well as the national average. This indicates that there are job opportunities available to those who live in or move to this area. The median household income for this area was $41,923 in 2018 which is slightly below both state and national averages however this number does not take into account cost of living differences between states or counties within a state.

In addition to traditional industry sectors such as manufacturing and healthcare, there are also many small businesses operating throughout Clearfield County providing goods or services to local residents or visitors from outside the area. These small businesses are contributing greatly to the overall economy by creating jobs for local residents as well as generating revenue for other organizations throughout the county.

Clearfield County provides a stable economy based on diverse industries while also offering plenty of recreational opportunities for visitors and locals alike.

Libraries in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania

According to babyinger, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania is home to several library systems that serve the area and provide access to books, magazines, and other educational materials. The Clearfield County Library System (CCLS) is the main library system in the county and it consists of seven branch libraries located throughout the county in towns such as Curwensville, Philipsburg, Clearfield, Coalport, and Osceola Mills. The CCLS also operates a mobile library service that visits various communities throughout the county on a weekly basis.

The CCLS provides patrons with access to a variety of materials including books for adults and children; magazines; newspapers; audio books; DVDs; CDs; downloadable e-books and audio books; online databases for research purposes; computer classes for adults and teens; story time programs for children; community meetings for local organizations or groups; book clubs for adults or teens; classes on various topics such as genealogy or computer skills. In addition to these services, many of the branches also offer used book sales which help support library programs.

The CCLS also provides patrons with access to a variety of technology tools such as computers with internet access, scanners, printers, copiers, fax machines, 3D printers and more. Many branches offer free Wi-Fi so patrons can use their own devices while at the library. Patrons can also borrow laptops from certain branches if they need one temporarily.

In addition to the CCLS there are also two other library systems in Clearfield County – The District 6 Community Library located in DuBois which serves residents of DuBois Area School District 6 and The Central Pennsylvania Digital Consortium (CPDC) which is an interlibrary loan system that allows patrons from any participating libraries in Pennsylvania to borrow materials from any other participating libraries across the state. Both systems provide patrons with access to an even wider range of materials than are available through just one local library system alone.

Clearfield County provides its residents with plenty of options when it comes to accessing books and other educational materials through its local libraries as well as through interlibrary loan programs like those operated by CPDC. With all these options available it’s easy for anyone living in Clearfield County to find something interesting or useful at their local library.

Landmarks in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania

Clearfield County, Pennsylvania

Clearfield County, Pennsylvania is home to a variety of landmarks and historical sites that make it an interesting and unique place to visit. From the breathtaking views of the Allegheny Mountains to the rolling hills of the Susquehanna River Valley, there is something for everyone in Clearfield County.

One of the most popular landmarks in Clearfield County is the town of Curwensville. Originally founded in 1794, Curwensville has become known for its stunning views of the Allegheny Mountains, as well as its historic downtown area and quaint shops. Visitors can explore a variety of attractions such as the original courthouse built in 1851, which is now used as a museum showcasing artifacts from Clearfield County’s past.

Another popular landmark in Clearfield County is Luthersburg, which was founded in 1822. This small town is home to a variety of historical sites including two churches built in 1876 and 1887 respectively, as well as several other buildings from the 19th century that have been preserved or restored over the years. Visitors can also explore an old railroad line that runs through Luthersburg and admire its beautiful scenery along with some interesting wildlife sightings.

The town of Hyde is also home to some notable landmarks including an old stone wall that dates back to 1795 and still stands today. The wall was originally built by local farmers for protection against Native American raids during colonial times and has become a symbol of strength for many locals who pass by it every day. Additionally, Hyde boasts several historic homes from different eras including one called “The Old Stone House” which was built in 1790 and has been preserved over time with its original features still intact today.

Clearfield County also boasts two state parks – Parker Dam State Park and Sizerville State Park – both offering visitors plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hiking, camping, fishing, boating or just relaxing among nature’s beauty at one of their scenic overlooks. Both parks are located on Lake Raystown – Pennsylvania’s largest lake – providing visitors with breathtaking views while they explore all that these parks have to offer.

Clearfield County offers visitors plenty of unique landmarks and historical sites to explore while visiting this area making it an ideal destination for anyone looking for some fun activities or just wanting to take a step back into history while admiring all that this area has to offer.