Chester, Virginia

Chester, Virginia Population, Schools and Places of Interest

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Chester, Virginia is surrounded by a variety of cities and towns, each offering its own unique charm and attractions. To the north lies Richmond, the state capital, a vibrant city with a rich history and culture as well as plenty of attractions for visitors to explore. To the east is Petersburg, another historic city with a fascinating past that includes being the site of one of the longest sieges in US history during the Civil War. Just south of Chester is Hopewell, home to many historical sites and an active arts community. Further south lies Dinwiddie County and its county seat, Dinwiddie. This small town offers a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of outdoor activities like hiking trails and bird watching spots. Heading west from Chester brings you to Colonial Heights and its historic downtown area full of restaurants and shops. Finally, just across the Appomattox River lies Prince George County where you can find Fort Lee with its museums and monuments dedicated to America’s military history.

Chester, Virginia

Population of Chester, Virginia

Chester, Virginia is a small city with a population of approximately 5,000 people. The population is diverse, with African American, White, Asian and Hispanic individuals making up the majority of the population. According to census data from 2017, the median age of Chester residents is 37.2 years old and the median household income is $43,944. The city has a higher-than-average poverty rate at 17%, and more than one-third of residents are living below the poverty line. The majority of Chester’s housing units are owner-occupied as opposed to rented. Most of these homes were built prior to 1960 and have an average value of $112,000.

The city’s workforce consists mostly of blue collar workers who are employed in manufacturing or construction industries. Other major industries in Chester include retail trade, health care and social assistance as well as administrative support services. Education services also play an important role in the local economy with multiple schools in the area providing educational opportunities for students from kindergarten through college level courses. Overall, Chester’s economy is largely based on industry and education opportunities provided by local businesses and institutions.

Schools and Education of Chester, Virginia

According to, Chester, Virginia is home to a number of educational institutions and schools. The Chesterfield County Public Schools system serves the city and offers a variety of educational opportunities for students from kindergarten through high school. At the elementary level, there are six elementary schools located within the city limits. These include Bellwood Elementary School, Elizabeth Davis Middle School, Grange Hall Elementary School, Matoaca Elementary School, Salem Church Elementary School and Winterpock Elementary School.

At the secondary level, Chester has two traditional public high schools: Thomas Dale High School and Matoaca High School. In addition to these two traditional public high schools, there is also an alternative education center known as Clover Hill High School. This school provides an alternative learning environment for students who are at risk of dropping out or have already done so in order to give them a chance at success.

In addition to public schools in Chester, there are also several private schools available for those seeking a more specialized education. The Chester Montessori Academy provides early childhood education while local colleges such as John Tyler Community College and Virginia State University offer post-secondary educational opportunities in the fields of science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM), business administration and more.

Chester strives to provide its residents with access to quality education that will prepare them for success in their future careers or further pursuits in higher education. With its abundance of public and private schooling options along with local universities and colleges nearby, Chester is committed to providing its residents with the best possible educational experience available.

Landmarks in Chester, Virginia

Chester, Virginia is a small city located in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia. It is home to a number of beautiful landmarks that tell the story of its history and culture. One of the most prominent landmarks in Chester is the historic Chesterfield County Courthouse which was built in 1824 and is still in use today. The courthouse features a unique Greek Revival style architecture with a tall white portico, grand columns, and large windows. It also houses several other important government buildings such as the county clerk’s office and sheriff’s office.

Another prominent landmark in Chester is The Old Stone Church which was built in 1750 and has been an important part of local life for over 250 years. The church stands as a reminder of the area’s colonial past and has been used for various events such as weddings, funerals, community gatherings, and more throughout its history.

According to DIRECTORYAAH, the Chesterfield Historical Society Museum is another notable landmark located within Chester’s city limits. This museum offers visitors an interesting look into the region’s past with artifacts from all periods of history including Native American relics to Civil War memorabilia. Visitors can also explore various exhibits such as an interactive timeline detailing local events from pre-colonial times to present day as well as displays focusing on topics such as African American history and women’s suffrage movements.

The Battle of Swift Creek Marker commemorates one of the bloodiest battles that occurred during the Civil War in Virginia which took place near present-day Chester. This marker serves to remind visitors about this important event that took place right here in Chester almost 150 years ago.

Finally, there are several parks located within Chester that offer visitors a chance to connect with nature while exploring its natural beauty or participating in recreational activities such as fishing or hiking trails throughout the area. These parks include Point Of Rocks Park, Swift Creek Reservoir Park, Pocahontas State Park, and Robious Landing Park among others providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation for people visiting or living in this charming town.