Chatroulette Wins Another Pianist

Remember Merton, pianist who has some success on the web with his improvisations at the piano in the den of perverts random online chat service Chatroulette? Last Saturday the musician Ben Folds, who enjoys a good Prestigo in the US independent circle, performed during a concert in the state of North Carolina a call number “Ode to Merton”, he also does improvisations at the piano webcam to unknown.

The only thing that is not clear to anyone is to Merton and Folds are the same person – they at least are very similar, despite the musician seems to be a little more stocky.

Anyway, worth a record: alleging “violations of the terms of use,” the Youtube removed the original video Merton air. Is that even improvisations are under threat of being controlled by the RIAA lawyers? For now, the mystery is in the air. [Idolator]