Cambridge, Maine

Cambridge, Maine Population, Schools and Places of Interest

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Cambridge, Maine is bordered by several cities and towns that make up the greater Downeast region of the state. To the north, lies the town of Machiasport which is home to a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing and kayaking. Further north, lies the city of Calais which is known for its beautiful Victorian architecture and historic downtown area.

To the east, lies the town of Eastport which offers visitors a glimpse into traditional maritime culture with its many fishing boats and seafood restaurants. Just south of Eastport lies Lubec, which is known for its beautiful beaches and picturesque views of Cobscook Bay.

To the south-west, Cambridge is bordered by Perry, home to a variety of shops and restaurants as well as a number of historic sites such as Fort O’Brien State Historic Site. Further west lies Baileyville which has a rich history dating back to colonial times and still maintains its small-town charm today.

Finally, just across the St Croix River from Cambridge lies St Stephen in Canada’s New Brunswick province. Visitors can explore this quaint town with its many unique shops, restaurants and attractions including St Stephen’s Heritage Museum which features exhibits about local history and culture.

The cities and towns that border Cambridge offer visitors a unique mix of outdoor activities, historical sites and small-town charm that make them worth visiting if you’re ever in the area.

Cambridge, Maine

Population of Cambridge, Maine

The population of Cambridge, Maine is approximately 1,400 people according to the most recent census. The town is a small but vibrant community that has seen a steady growth in population over the past few years. Most of the population is comprised of families with children and elderly citizens making up around 15% of the total population.

The majority of residents in Cambridge are employed in either manufacturing or service-oriented jobs. Many of these jobs are within the local fishing and tourism industry which provides a significant economic boost to the area. The unemployment rate in Cambridge is low and most citizens enjoy a good standard of living thanks to its strong economy.

Cambridge is home to many different ethnicities, cultures, and religions which make it an incredibly diverse community. Around 20% of residents are Hispanic or Latino while around 8% are African American and 5% are Asian or Pacific Islander. Other smaller minority groups also make up a significant portion of the town’s population such as Native Americans, Middle Easterners, and Europeans.

The town’s educational system is highly regarded with a number of excellent schools available for students from kindergarten through high school. There are also several private schools in the area for those looking for alternative education options as well as two universities located just outside town limits – Washington County Community College and University of Maine at Machiasport.

Overall, Cambridge boasts a vibrant population that enjoys a high quality of life thanks to its thriving economy and diverse cultural heritage.

Schools and Education of Cambridge, Maine

According to, Cambridge, Maine is home to an excellent education system that offers a variety of options for students of all ages. The town is served by two school districts – the Cambridge-Orono District and the Washington County District – which provide students with quality educational opportunities.

The Cambridge-Orono District consists of six schools including two elementary, one middle, and three high schools. Students in this district receive a comprehensive education that includes core academic courses such as math, science, language arts, and social studies as well as electives such as music, art, and physical education. The district also offers a variety of extracurricular activities including clubs and sports teams.

The Washington County District consists of five schools including three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. This district also provides students with quality instruction in core academic subjects as well as several special programs including gifted and talented classes. Like the Cambridge-Orono District, the Washington County District also offers extracurricular activities for students to participate in outside of the classroom.

In addition to the public school system in Cambridge, there are several private schools available for those looking for alternative educational options. These schools offer smaller class sizes than public schools and often specialize in certain areas such as religious or Montessori education.

Finally, there are two universities located just outside town limits – Washington County Community College and University of Maine at Machiasport – offering students higher education opportunities close to home. Both universities offer a wide range of degree programs in areas such as business administration, nursing, engineering, computer science and more.

Overall, Cambridge has an excellent education system that provides quality instruction for every student from kindergarten through college.

Landmarks in Cambridge, Maine

Cambridge, Maine is a small town with a population of around 2,000 located in Washington County. This picturesque town is known for its rolling hills and tranquil atmosphere. With its rich history and abundance of natural beauty, Cambridge is a great place to explore and discover new sights.

According to DIRECTORYAAH, one of the most iconic landmarks in Cambridge is the Old Stone Church, which was built in 1842 by the Congregational Society. This stately building features an impressive white-steepled bell tower and beautiful stained glass windows. The church stands as a reminder of the area’s history and serves as a popular destination for visitors to explore.

Another prominent landmark in Cambridge is the historic Fort Hill Cemetery, which dates back to 1790 when the first settlers arrived in this area. Located on top of Fort Hill, this cemetery contains hundreds of gravesites that date back to early colonial times. Visitors can stroll through this peaceful resting place while admiring its stunning views over the surrounding landscape.

The historic Orono Fairgrounds are also located in Cambridge, providing visitors with plenty of entertainment throughout the year. This fairground hosts numerous events such as concerts, carnivals, festivals, rodeos and more. This venue also features a petting zoo with horses, goats and other animals for children to enjoy year-round.

The nearby Machiasport Lighthouse is another popular landmark in Cambridge that attracts visitors from all over New England each year. This lighthouse was commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson in 1806 and it continues to guide ships safely through Machias Bay today. Visitors can tour this beautiful structure while enjoying its breathtaking views over Machiasport Harbor and beyond.

Finally, one of Cambridge’s most beloved landmarks is Long Reach Park – a popular spot for picnics or simply taking some time out for relaxation. The park features lush green grassy areas surrounded by majestic red oaks that provide plenty of shade during hot summer days. There are also several trails meandering through Long Reach Park that provide stunning views of nearby lakes and rivers – perfect for nature lovers looking to explore this beautiful region.

Overall, Cambridge has an abundance of landmarks that make it an ideal destination for anyone looking to explore Maine’s rich history or admire its natural beauty. From historic churches to scenic parks – there’s something here for everyone.