California State University Northridge Study Abroad

California State University Northridge Study Abroad

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First of all you should know one thing, no matter which university you choose, USA / California is a MUST!


I started like your readers too. Based on reviews and the criteria I set, I decided to go to CSUN (California State University Northridge, see abbreviationfinder for more abbreviations). The application process itself went completely smoothly thanks to the help of MicroEDU. Especially the step-by-step instructions from MicroEDU will help you in every way. A huge thank you to the MicroEDU team.

The application process itself is really not a big hurdle, rather the preparation for the arrival is a huge task.

My tip: Take part in the “Studying in California” group on Facebook, and most questions will already be answered there.

Arrival & accommodation search:

A car is definitely a MUST have in LA. You can completely forget about public transport. So I got a rental car for the first week. Since the accommodation in the dorms was too expensive for me and a friend, we checked out almost everything for about 4 days and chose the best privately.

My tip: If you don’t have a rental car, there is a shuttle bus from LAX airport to the airport in Van Nuys (name is Flyaway and costs $ 8). Alternatively, you can take the student taxis, which you will use most of the time anyway. Simply download the UBER and LYFT APP. With Airbnb you can find accommodation in advance.


Where should I start The campus itself is just awesome. Even after my stay I never had the opportunity to look at everything, there is better to do: D. The Student Recreation Center (Gym = Fitness) is large and you definitely have to see it. I spent countless hours in it myself because of the offer. As for the classes, I took the MGT 360, ECON 308, ECON 365 and SOM 416 courses. Fortunately, I was enrolled in all courses directly. Don’t worry about not enrolling. In the introductory week, the university tells everyone what to do in this case.

University life:

Outside of the class on campus itself, it is difficult to make friends with someone, so it is important to speak to people directly. If you were able to make good contacts during the introductory week, nothing really happens outside of the student apartments or you start something yourself. Northridge itself just has nothing to offer. BUT luckily Hollywood is less than 20 minutes away, where everything else is really located.

My tip: Brazilians arrive at the university every semester, make friends with them in any case, because they know how to party!!! Make contacts during the classes, one or the other American house party does take place after all.


There really is so much to discover. Be it cities like San Diego, San Francisco or just across the border to Tijuana (Mexico). Sports events like the LA Kings, LA Lakers, LA Dodgers, LA Galaxy, San Diego Chargers. . . are also worth watching. It is definitely worth taking the highway along the ocean from LA to SF. It is also worth making a detour to Nevada (Las Vegas, Death Valley . . . ). Not far from Northridge is the Camarillo Outlet, a true shopping paradise.

Los Angeles is really dear to my heart and although I have seen a lot, nowhere has it been more beautiful and varied than in LA.

My tip: The CSUN offers a CSUN Outdoor Adventures Trip. Through them I was able to experience a lot (bungee jumping, climbing, hiking, water rafting) and that in the most diverse and beautiful places.


California itself is definitely more expensive compared to the other states. However, in my opinion LA was one of the cheapest big cities compared to Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York. Compared to Germany, the prices are cheaper or the same. The entrance fees in clubs are very expensive, so it is important to make new contacts;) Women, don’t worry, as good as everything is free for you.


Take the risk and you won’t regret it for a second. I mourn already leaving the USA. Although I really did something every weekend, the one semester was unfortunately not enough and I would have liked a little more time. Have fun all of you and enjoy every moment as long as you can.

California State University Northridge Study Abroad