California State University Monterey Bay Study Abroad

California State University Monterey Bay Study Abroad

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Support before the start and on site

The support before the beginning of the semester was actually very good. At first, however, there were a few problems with my application, as the application process was switched from paper to online. But because I had already submitted my documents on paper, it took me a long time to get the approval. But I suspect the problem was only caused by the changeover. California State University Monterey Bay is also known as CSUMB on abbreviationfinder.

I didn’t get the official acceptance and the I-20 form until the beginning of November. Then I had to quickly apply for the visa, which luckily went relatively quickly. In mid-December I had everything sorted out and booked my flight. MicroEDU and the International Office of the CSUMB were always available to answer any questions in advance. Even before my arrival, I was able to send my choice of courses to the International Office by e-mail and they enrolled. The tuition I could pay by credit card online. You could see everything online and you could also look for accommodation. Where I would live and with whom, however, was only certain at the beginning of January.

The on-site support was also very good. After arriving in San Francisco, the international students were picked up by supervisors in an organized bus and escorted to the university. There the accommodations were allocated and there was also the possibility of taking an organized bus to the nearest shopping center in order to get the most important utensils for the first few days. The next day there was breakfast, a campus tour and information on various topics.

A travel insurance can conclude about the CSUMB or advance themselves. It was particularly practical that you could use the buses for free. You could also borrow a bike for the entire semester for $ 110.


Most internationals were housed in accommodations on the East Campus, about two miles from the main campus. There were three people living in one apartment. There was a double room, a single room, a large living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Unfortunately, apart from the bed, desk and closet in your own room, sofas and table in the living room as well as stove, dishwasher, dining table and chairs in the kitchen, there was no other equipment. Pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, bedding, towels or vacuum cleaner then had to be bought in the first few days. But if you find people who do a semester there before you, you can also get in touch with them and buy things. Most people want to get rid of everything so you don’t have to throw it away.

The rent was $ 675 per month for a single room and $ 525 per month for a double room. For January and May the rent was calculated proportionally. The total rent then had to be paid within two to three weeks, which bothered me a lot. It was nearly $ 2,700 in total. There was also a deposit of $ 250. Paying all of this in one sum is a lot and you need a high credit card limit because you have a few other purchases.

Almost all students were on the East Campus of California State University Monterey Bay, which was very cool. This means you have much more contact with students and you don’t have to travel far for meetings or parties.

My courses

At California State University Monterey Bay I have the courses Intermediate Accounting II, Audit I and Income Tax I occupied.

While in Germany the grade of the courses is made up of an exam or a combination of exam and homework, the grade in the American courses is made up of various components, such as attendance, participation, homework, quizzes or exams. Every week homework had to be submitted online and every second to third week there was a test for the previous two chapters.

Instead of one exam at the end of the semester, there were two exams during the semester and one at the end of the semester. This makes it a little easier to pass the courses, as not everything depends on an exam. Unlike in Germany, however, you can only pass a course if you have achieved a total of 73. 5% of the points. That sounds like a lot at first, but you get used to it quickly and have more than enough free time.

Campus life

I found campus life very pleasant. You have a lot of contact with other students and get to know each other quickly. The university offers many leisure activities. A guided mountain bike tour took place every Friday. In addition, were camping trips offered on the weekends. University sports were also available in many different sports for $ 5 a semester. Access to the gym and swimming pool was free. The sea with a great beach was only about 15 minutes away by bike.


I had a lot of positive experiences during my semester abroad. The serenity and friendliness of the university staff were particularly positive. Organizationally, I could always be helped. The willingness of the professors and other students to help with problems was also great. Since the accommodation was in the student apartments with other international students, you could get to know many different cultures and make contact immediately. It would certainly have been interesting to be in an apartment with other American students, as one would have gotten to know more about American life. But since there were many sports activities, it was easy to get to know the American students as well.

I have had great experiences and met a lot of nice and interesting people. Because you are on your own at first and don’t know anyone yet, you approach other students openly. I can definitely recommend doing a semester abroad at the California State University Monterey Bay.

California State University Monterey Bay Study Abroad