California State University Chico Study Abroad

California State University Chico Study Abroad

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First of all: Chico is absolutely the right decision! I would love to experience my semester abroad again and I am so happy that I have chosen the cute little student village! If you want to get to know California differently and are looking for the typical American student life, then you are in good hands at CSUC. In the end, there is something for everyone – from party mice to nature lovers! According to abbreviationfinder, California State University Chico is also know as CSUC.

Campus and University:

With its old buildings and lots of greenery, California State University Chico is a wonderful site. Everything can be easily reached on foot or by bike. There is always something going on and mostly you sit outside to enjoy the sun and the people. Because the campus is integrated with the city center, you also have the great opportunity to enjoy your lunch break in the cafe around the corner. The gym costs extra money, but it’s definitely worth it! Pool, basketball fields, indoor soccer field, courses and sufficient strength and cardio equipment are available. A great way to fight the trap of “American food” and to pass time with new friends.

My courses in the California State University Chico (Marketing Research, Public Relations, Photography) were all great fun! Unfortunately it was beyond marketing. Research not my desired courses, as they were already busy, but all of them were worth an experience! Unfortunately, the course crashing does not guarantee that you will get your courses, so arrive with enough desired courses, otherwise you can be disappointed. The professors have different requirements. Some write three exams with you, have a lot of assignments or projects on the side, others offer fewer exams or place much more value on your participation in the lecture. In general, one can say that things are going back to school at American universities. You’re just busy all the time. But no fear! There is still time to get to know the country and its people! Sufficient!

Unfortunately, the CSUC courses are only partially demanding, as there are a lot of international students who can hardly speak English. You have to go through it – but only for one session! And sometimes you really had a lot of fun, especially when you’re the only German on the road.


I lived with a lovely woman who has always offered a room in her house. But unfortunately she won’t do it in the coming semester because she is on a long business trip. Otherwise I would have liked to recommend it to anyone who would like to have a “home” and be integrated into American culture. I still had two roommates and had a wonderful time there! Since I’m not the party girl, I didn’t want to go to one of the university buildings or residential complexes around it. However, if you are into it, Timber Creek and Co. are in very good hands. Night becomes day and there is always something going on! So pure student life!


. . . a small but nice place that you just have to take to your heart! Well, it’s actually not that small either. For example, I didn’t have a car and had to do everything by bike take care of it, you have already covered very long distances sometimes and when a friend takes you with him in his car, you only notice how spacious Chico actually is. You are actually offered everything you need! Sufficient supermarkets, from WinCo (the cheapest supermarket where you can get EVERYTHING – very popular with us students!) To Trader Joe`s (delicious things! Hmmm). A mall with stores like Victoria Secret and Co. , cute cafes (pay a visit to the Naked Lounge and try the Bowl of Soul!), Restaurants (Sierra Nevada Brewery – Chico’s house brewery! A celebrity in Northern California. ) And much more! The Bidwell Park extends through Chico and offers a great relaxation oasis for jogging, relaxing and swimming in the public pool! It can get very hot in Chico (32 degrees is the order of the day). Otherwise, Chico has her own bus line that also takes you from A to B. But a bike is actually enough! Oh yes, and on Saturdays (and Thursday evenings in summer) there is always Farmer’s Market in downtown. There you can get the freshest vegetables and fruit from the farmers in the immediate vicinity. I would also like to have something like this at my door in Germany! Because you just can’t compare the vegetables. . . who knows purple and yellow carrots or rainbow-colored Swiss chard ?!


Chico is a great starting point for trips and weekend trips to San Francisco (3 hours by car) and Lake Tahoe (2 hours). I have been to San Fran quite often and accordingly fell in love with this city! The weekends are celebrated and the party nights usually start on Thursday evenings in Madison Bear Garden. Most students are very athletic and nature conscious. Accordingly, on the nice days, all of Chico is outside and enjoying. You are actually offered something all the time. So boredom won’t occur! I got on really well with my fellow students and even made American friends, so it’s not that difficult. Just be open and the way you are! Approach everything and take what you can take with you. . .

. . . this will be YOUR semester abroad! Now it’s just up to you what you make of it. No one can take away the memories and experiences from you.

California State University Chico Study Abroad