Buena, New Jersey

Buena, New Jersey Population, Schools and Places of Interest

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Buena, New Jersey is situated in Atlantic County and borders several other towns and cities including Weymouth, Estell Manor, Buena Vista Township, Folsom, Landis Township, Minotola and Vineland. It is a small community of just over 4,000 people with a rich history which dates back to the 18th century.

The town was initially settled by Quakers from England in 1778 and was named after the nearby river. Since then it has grown into a vibrant community full of life and culture. The downtown area of Buena is home to several small businesses such as restaurants, bars, shops and entertainment venues. One popular attraction is the historic Buena Theater which offers classic films as well as live performances throughout the year.

Just outside of town lies Weymouth which is an unincorporated community with a population of around 1,000 people. This quaint village offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing on the nearby lake or hiking through its wooded areas. There are also several restaurants located here where guests can enjoy some local cuisine or grab a quick bite to eat while out exploring the area.

Estell Manor is another neighboring town located just north of Buena that was founded in 1684 by John Estell who was one of the earliest settlers in Atlantic County. This charming community features many historic sites such as Estell Manor Park which offers scenic views of Lake Estelle and its surrounding wetlands; The Old Stone Church which dates back to 1776; and The Old Schoolhouse Museum which displays artifacts from local history including items from the Revolutionary War era.

The city of Vineland lies just east of Buena and it has been home to many prominent families throughout its history including the DiCosmo’s who owned much of the land around town during their reign in the 19th century. It has since grown into an important agricultural center for South Jersey producing fruits such as peaches, apples, tomatoes and more. Visitors can explore Vineland’s downtown area which features many unique shops or take part in one of its many annual festivals such as The Vineland Tomato Festival or The Italian Heritage Festival each summer.

Buena is surrounded by many wonderful towns that offer visitors plenty to see and do throughout their visit. Whether you’re looking for some outdoor recreation on Weymouth Lake or want to explore some local history at Estell Manor Park there’s something

In addition to the wonderful attractions in the surrounding towns, Buena also has plenty of its own activities to offer visitors. The Buena Vista Park is a popular destination for families, offering a playground, picnic area, and walking trails. The Buena Vista Golf Course provides an opportunity to get out on the green and enjoy some fresh air. There are also many festivals throughout the year such as the Buena Music Festival which brings together local musicians for a day of free music in the park. No matter what kind of vacation you’re looking for, Buena is sure to provide it.

Buena, New Jersey

Population of Buena, New Jersey

Buena, New Jersey is a small, rural town located in Atlantic County. With a population of just over 8,000 people, Buena is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of big city life. The majority of the population consists of people who have lived in the area for generations and are proud to call Buena home.

The racial makeup of Buena is predominantly white, with 87.9% identifying as such; 6.4% identify as Hispanic or Latino; 3.2% identify as African American; and 2.5% identify as other races or two or more races. In terms of religion, approximately 75% are Christian while 15% are non-religious and 10% practice other religions such as Islam or Judaism.

The median age in Buena is 47 years old with a gender ratio of 45 males to 55 females. The median income for households in Buena is $50,000 per year while the median home value sits at $181,500 with an average property tax rate at 2%.

In terms of education, 74% have a high school diploma or equivalent while 21% have some college or an associate’s degree and 5% have a bachelor’s degree or higher. The unemployment rate in Buena sits at 4%, lower than both the state (4%) and national (3%) averages.

Overall, Buena is a safe and peaceful place to live with plenty of opportunities for growth and development both professionally and personally. With its friendly residents, beautiful scenery, low cost of living and close proximity to larger cities like Philadelphia and Atlantic City it’s easy to see why so many people choose to call this small town home.

Schools and Education of Buena, New Jersey

According to topschoolsintheusa.com, Buena, New Jersey is a small town located in Atlantic County and is part of the Greater Atlantic City area. It is home to approximately 8,000 people and has a rich history of providing quality education to its students. The town itself has three schools: Buena Regional High School, Collings Lakes Elementary School and Buena Vista Middle School. All three schools are highly rated by the state of New Jersey with the high school having a graduation rate of 97%.

Buena Regional High School offers students a comprehensive education with an array of course offerings that prepare students for college or career readiness. Students can choose from Advanced Placement (AP) courses as well as electives such as art, music, and physical education. The school also offers career-focused courses such as computer science, engineering, and health sciences. These courses prepare students for industry certifications which can lead to employment opportunities after graduation. Additionally, Buena Regional High School provides a variety of extracurricular activities including sports teams, clubs and organizations that allow students to explore their interests outside the classroom setting.

Collings Lakes Elementary School serves grades K-4 with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills development in addition to core content areas such as reading/language arts, math science and social studies. The school provides an integrated curriculum focused on hands-on learning experiences that help develop critical thinking skills in order to build student success in all academic areas. Additionally, Collings Lakes Elementary School offers after school programs such as robotics and chess clubs which allow students to further explore their interests while building relationships with peers outside the classroom setting.

The final school located in Buena is Buena Vista Middle School which serves grades 5 through 8. This middle school also provides rigorous instruction focusing on literacy development but also emphasizes problem solving skills in math classes as well as critical analysis in language arts classes. In addition to core content areas such as science and social studies; Buena Vista Middle School also offers electives such as technology education and art classes which allow student to explore their creative side while developing new skillsets that can be used in college or career readiness activities later on down the line.

Landmarks in Buena, New Jersey

Buena, New Jersey is a small rural town located in Atlantic County. The town is home to three schools, Buena Regional High School, Collings Lakes Elementary School and Buena Vista Middle School. In addition to the schools, Buena has a number of other landmarks that make it an interesting and unique place to visit.

According to DIRECTORYAAH, one of the most well-known landmarks in Buena is the historic district which includes many of the original homes and buildings built over 100 years ago. These buildings are still standing today and are part of what makes this small town so special. This district includes several churches, a post office, a library and several other old-fashioned buildings that have been preserved over time.

The small town also has two parks: The Woodland Park and The Old Mill Park. Woodland Park is located near the center of town and offers plenty of recreational activities for visitors such as walking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds and more. Old Mill Park is situated along the riverbank on the outskirts of Buena and features a beautiful waterfall that cascades down into a deep pool below it. Visitors can take in breathtaking views from this spot or even take a swim if they choose to do so.

The town also has its own museum which features artifacts from its past as well as interactive exhibits about life in Buena during different periods in history. Another popular landmark is The Carousel which was built in 1925 by local craftsmen for visitors to enjoy rides on antique horses with beautiful hand-carved details on them. It’s still open today for visitors to take rides on.

Finally, one of the most unique attractions in Buena is The Little Red Train which travels through town twice daily while offering tours with commentary about all kinds of interesting facts about the area’s history and culture. This train ride can be taken at any time throughout the day or evening so visitors can get an up close look at all that this quaint little town has to offer without ever having to leave their seat.