Brundidge, Alabama

Brundidge, Alabama Population, Schools and Places of Interest

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The nearest cities and towns to Brundidge, Alabama are Troy, Tuskegee, Ozark, and Dothan. Troy is located about 20 miles north of Brundidge and is home to Troy University. It’s a vibrant city with a thriving economy. There are several businesses and shopping centers in the downtown area as well as historic sites such as the Pike County Courthouse. The city of Tuskegee is located approximately 25 miles east of Brundidge. It was founded in 1833 and is home to Tuskegee University. The university has a rich history that includes its involvement in the civil rights movement. Ozark is located about 40 miles south of Brundidge and is known for its outdoor recreation activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking on the nearby Lake Tholocco. There are also numerous restaurants and shops in the downtown area that offer unique items from local artisans. Finally, Dothan is located about 50 miles west of Brundidge. It’s a vibrant city with plenty of activities to do such as visiting the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds or exploring the Landmark Park which offers a wide variety of educational programs for children and adults alike.

Brundidge, Alabama

Population of Brundidge, Alabama

Brundidge, Alabama is a small city with a population of approximately 3,000 people. It is located in Pike County and was founded in 1868. The city’s population has remained relatively stable over the years with the majority of its residents identifying as Caucasian. According to the latest census data, roughly 71% of Brundidge’s population is white, 25% is African American, and 4% is Hispanic or Latino. The racial makeup of the city has remained relatively consistent over time with only minor changes in demographic composition.

The median age of Brundidge’s residents is 36 years old, slightly lower than the national median age of 37 years old. The median household income for Brundidge is $38,500 which is below both the national median income and the state median income. In terms of education level, 72% of adults aged 25 and older have completed high school or have some college experience while only 12% have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Brundidge has seen an influx of new businesses in recent years which has helped to create jobs and boost the local economy. However, poverty remains an issue for many residents as nearly 30% are living below the poverty line. Despite its challenges, Brundidge still retains its small-town charm and friendly atmosphere that make it a great place to live for those looking for a slower pace of life.

Schools and Education of Brundidge, Alabama

According to, education is highly valued in Brundidge, Alabama, and the city takes pride in its commitment to providing quality educational opportunities for its students. The Pike County School District serves the city of Brundidge and operates seven schools including two elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, and two alternative schools. All of the district’s schools are accredited by AdvancED and have been recognized for their academic excellence.

In terms of academics, Brundidge High School offers a range of classes from basic math and science to more advanced topics such as AP classes and college-level courses. The school also offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as band, sports teams, student government, drama club, and more. Additionally, the high school has a strong emphasis on preparing students for college with counselors available to provide assistance with college applications and scholarship searches.

Brundidge is also home to several private schools including Brundidge Christian Academy which provides an excellent Christian education for pre-K through 12th grade students. The academy is dedicated to helping students grow academically while also developing their spiritual lives through daily Bible classes and chapel services. Additionally, there are several other small private schools in the area that provide quality education in a nurturing environment.

Overall, Brundidge is committed to providing its youth with an excellent education that will prepare them for success beyond high school. Whether it’s attending public or private school or taking advantage of the many educational resources available in the community—Brundidge has something for everyone when it comes to education.

Landmarks in Brundidge, Alabama

According to DIRECTORYAAH, Brundidge, Alabama is a small town with a rich history and culture. From its quaint downtown to its many historic landmarks, there’s plenty for visitors to explore in this charming town. Here are some of the most notable landmarks in Brundidge.

The Courthouse Square is one of the oldest and most iconic landmarks in Brundidge. Located in the center of town, the square features a beautiful gazebo that serves as a gathering place for locals and visitors alike. Adjacent to the gazebo is the historic Pike County courthouse which has served as a meeting place for local government since 1845.

The Brundidge Historic District is another popular landmark that’s worth exploring. This area encompasses several blocks of downtown Brundidge including homes and businesses built between 1895 and 1945. Many of these structures have been preserved and restored to their original beauty, creating an unforgettable atmosphere of yesteryear in this small town.

The Grist Mill is one of the oldest structures in Brundidge, having been built sometime around 1850. The mill was used to grind grain into flour and meal until it ceased operations in 1927 when modern mills replaced it. Today, it serves as an intriguing reminder of the past – visitors can still see remnants of the old water wheel inside.

Finally, no visit to Brundidge would be complete without a stop at Old Stagboro Park located on Main Street near downtown. This park features an array of historical markers chronicling important moments from Brundidge’s past such as when Confederate troops camped here during the Civil War or when President Theodore Roosevelt visited during his famous 1903 “Great White Fleet” tour throughout America’s Southland states.

Brundidge may be small but it certainly has plenty to offer its visitors – from its unique landmarks to its vibrant culture – making it well worth exploring.