Brazil Leads the Ranking with Google Orders to Censor Results

This morning the Google updated the report requests for removal of content in the results search service. We can be proud of: Brazil ranks as the country with the largest number of court orders requesting that results are deleted. Google says it has met the 69% of requests. The information applies to the period from July to December 2011.

According to the company, four judicial orders issued by a Brazilian electoral court “resulted in the removal of four profiles Orkut for content related to the campaign.” Google did not elaborate on which profiles are these and what are the judgments.

The country has a prominent position in the Google report because Orkut is a social network with enough popularity here, says the company. There were 128 judgments in total and 66 more requests taken as informal because they were sent by the executive bodies or the police, adding 66 applications with 26% of them served by the web giant.

In article signed by Dorothy Chou, senior policy analyst, stated the following: “Unfortunately, what we have seen over a few years is disturbing, and this time was no different. When we started releasing this data, in 2010, we noticed that government agencies from different countries would ask us to remove political content because our users have published in our services. We expected that [this behavior] was an aberration. Now we know it’s not. ”

Google ranks the current situation regarding requests for removal of content as “alarming” because freedom of expression is at risk and why some requests come from countries above suspicion.

It is important to note that Google must follow local laws that may differ markedly from what we are used to in Brazil. Sometimes what is typical in the country may be illegal in another. As a multinational company, they must adapt to the rules of the game in each market. They do not cease to warn the authorities increased interventions in the search results.