The McMaster School of Nursing works at the Institute of Applied Health Sciences

Best 7 Nursing Schools in Canada

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Have you thought about studying Nursing abroad? If so, how about in Canada? The country has great universities and some of the best courses in the field in the world. Just to give you an idea, according to TOPSCHOOLSINTHEUSA, 10 of the 100 best nursing schools in the world are located in the country. Are you curious to know more about this? So check now this list that we have separated with the 7 best nursing schools in Canada.

Canada’s 7 Best Nursing Schools

University of British Columbia

Where is? Vancouver – British Columbia

UCB School of Nursing

The UBC Nursing course completed 100 years in 2019 and works in the same building as other courses in the Health field, such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy and Dentistry, thus facilitating the development and mutual learning between these different programs. In addition to the undergraduate course, some graduate programs that are difficult to find elsewhere in the country are also offered. With a very strong international reputation in both teaching and research, UBC appears among the top 40 nursing programs in the world.

University of Toronto

Where is? Toronto – Ontario

The Nursing program at the University of Toronto is marked by a history of innovation in teaching in the field. In 1942, U of T offered Canada’s first 4-year nursing diploma. Aligning its innovative strategies, the university launched an online Master’s program in Nursing in Acute Care in 2001. Today, known as the Lawrence S. Bloomberg College of Nursing, the institution offers bachelor’s, master’s, post-master’s degrees and education programs. master’s and doctorate in collaboration with other institutions. Because it is considered the best educational institution in Canada, the university has a diverse faculty made up of professors from different countries, and the same happens in the Nursing course.

University of Alberta

Where is? Edmonton – Alberta

University of Alberta School of Nursing

The Nursing course at U of A is very focused on creating practical experiences for its students, bringing academic academic theory of Nursing as close as possible. Because of this, the institution’s students have a Nursing simulation center that employs real people to simulate patients, offering a very realistic practice.

University of Calgary

Where is? Calgary – Alberta

The University of Calgary College of Nursing is a nationwide leader in clinical simulation labs in the field, also focusing heavily on practice and offering students the opportunity to experience “real life nursing” from the beginning of their undergraduate studies. Currently the institution has more than 1000 undergraduate and graduate students. Among the best nursing schools in Canada, it is certainly one of the most innovative.

McMaster University

Where is? Hamilton – Ontario

The McMaster School of Nursing works at the Institute of Applied Health Sciences

Founded in 1946, the McMaster University School of Nursing is internationally recognized for its innovation in nursing education and for its focus on training and preparing nurses for the current health system. All the programs of the School, which is affiliated with two major hospitals in the city of Hamilton, have around 5,000 students. A very important feature of the institution’s Nursing course is the problem-based learning method, which is gradually being adopted in other institutions around the world.

McGill University

Where is? Montréal – Quebec

At the Ingram School of Nursing at McGill University, all students have the option of studying abroad in their final year of graduation. Founded in 1920, it is associated with 5 hospitals in the city of Montreal and trains around 1000 professionals every year. In addition, the institution is known for offering innovative courses in the area of ​​Nursing and Health, enabling its students to work not only in patient care but also in other sectors of the health industry.

Queen’s University

Where is? Kingston – Ontario

Queen’s University is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada and its School of Nursing, which is just over 75 years old, is already one of the most important in the country, known mainly for its innovative concepts in Nursing and the flexibility in approaching the area . There, for example, students are free to adapt their academic path according to their interests.