Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria

Bad Blumau and Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria


Bad Blumau

Bad Blumau, located in a picturesque corner of Styria, is an unusual resort with an unusual history. At the end of the 19th century, oil was searched in the village of Blumau, and hot thermal springs were discovered, which subsequently led to the creation of the famous thermal resort. Another attraction that made Bad Blumau famous is the stunning architectural complex of the Rogner Bad Blumau hotel, designed by the famous Austrian architect Hundertwasser. The architecture of the hotel impresses with the brightness of colors and quirkiness of forms, while Rogner Bad Blumau offers modern comfort, excellent service and a magnificent wellness complex. And the guests of the resort are waiting for numerous restaurants, cafes, traditional Styrian wine bars “Buschenschenken”, village festivals, exhibitions and concerts.

The spa resort Bad Blumau is located in a forested area between Vienna (130 km) and Graz (60 km), in the heart of the Styrian thermal springs.

Main curative factors
Main indications for treatment – Diseases of the joints of rheumatic and non-rheumatic origin, neuralgia, metabolic disorders, diseases of the intestines, liver and biliary tract. The main natural healing factors of the resort are the mineral thermal waters of the Gaspar springs: t°=110°C from a depth of 2840 m; “Melchior”: t°=47° C from a depth of 1200 m; Balthasar: t°=95° C from a depth of 2900 m. The alkaline hydrocarbonate sodium-magnesium-calcium waters of the Melchior spring are used for drinking cures, while the waters of the other two springs are used for baths and in thermal pools.
Thermal spa at Rogner Bad Blumau Hoteloccupies about 1600 m2 of water area with swimming pools, jacuzzi and fitness center. Therapeutic procedures at the resort: more than 100 types of massages, mud procedures, thalassotherapy, herbal, salt, milk baths, sound and light therapy, yoga, various beauty programs for face and body care.

The main attraction of Bad Blumau is the Hotel Rogner Bad Blumau – an avant-garde creation of the famous Austrian architect Hundertwasser, created with the money of the construction billionaire Rogner. The unique complex is ideally set out in the surrounding natural landscape and resembles a fabulous multi-colored palace, and some rooms of the hotel are even located inside the hills. The hotel has a magnificent health and thermal complex.
It is also interesting to visit the ancient churches of the resort – the church of St. Sebastian, which was built in 1787, the Maria-Lourdes chapel, the church of St. Anne, the mention of which dates back to 1554.

Bad Kleinkirchheim

Bad Kleinkirchheim, whose name translates as “a resort near a small church”, is located in Carinthia – the land of “a thousand lakes” and picturesque ski slopes. This small and charming alpine village is a great place for recreation and active recreation: ski slopes of varying difficulty, surrounded by coniferous forests, modern thermal complexes, cozy restaurants with delicious dishes from organic alpine products, small comfortable hotels. And all this is located in a convenient proximity, because it is not without reason that the advertising slogan of the resort reads “From the track – to the terms”!

The resort of Bad Kleinkirchheim is located in the north of Corinthia, on the border of the Nockberge National Park, 200 km from Salzburg, 50 km from the capital of Carinthia – Klagenfurt.

The main therapeutic factors
The main indications for treatment – Prevention and treatment of circulatory disorders, increased immunity to infectious diseases, diseases of the joints and connective tissues. The natural factor of the resort is natural water with a salt concentration of up to 1000 mg/l and a low content of radon. Treatments offered: natural mud therapy, stimulating therapy (water gymnastics, callanetics, stretching), massages, underwater therapy, acupuncture, inhalations, oxygen therapy, aromatherapy, herbal therapy, color and light
therapy– a complex of outdoor and indoor pools with thermal water, located in the very center of the resort and includes a multifunctional pool with hydromassage, a sauna gallery, treatment rooms of the Terme “St. Kathrein is the oldest thermal complex in Bad Kleinkirchheim, where indoor thermal pools with equipment for underwater therapeutic massages are located.

Sports and activities
Bad Kleinkirchheim also offers a variety of sports activities: 103 km of ski slopes, a large outdoor skating rink, horse-drawn sleigh rides, bowling and much more.

Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria