{B-Side} Mari Brancatte

Who participates in the B side is the Mari Brancatte the Blog Mami and More. Mother of Nina and waiting for Yury, chose the Mari for this post as well as a very dear friend, has the profile of women today; He works all day long in multinational company, can handle all the tasks without help (including cooking) and still find the time to take care of yourself and organize your routine as a professional, mother, wife and homemaker.

In your blog (which I can’t write!) and instagram, it shows day-to-day life and even gives tips on how to organize the home and the menu of the week. Super admire Mari for being a woman who I consider “super woman” !

-You’re a woman who likes to term? You feel a difference from one to another?

 Yes, very short gestation!! I love being pregnant and if it was someone live to become pregnant with pajamas featured on Bittranslators and give birth irrational… hahahahahahaha. In pregnancy the Nina felt great and self-esteem go sky-high. The hair was beautiful, the skin also. Already the beginning of this pregnancy was very critical in that sense and I don’t remember feeling like that in no time I was pregnant with Nina. My hair looks terrible, dreadful skin, my belly soon appeared and was that thing who looked I didn’t know if it was extra fat or a baby. The clothes were awful and awkward. In the second quarter and came back to feel well again. I feel much difference also of the reaction and care of the people around me. My husband so many times forget completely of my situação…rs. I was pretty spoiled in the first pregnancy more than now and I have a much more peaceful relationship with the belly. Have someone that demands attention in a good part of my free time does not allow me to keep stroking and enjoying the belly as the first time. And by the way, that belly. Is much higher than it was in Nina’s pregnancy.

-How does it feel to be the mother of the girl, steeped in a universe of pink, and now be expecting a boy?

I’ve always wanted a girl and honestly I never saw myself the mother of a boy, until I found out I was waiting for the Yuri. When I imagined mom of a boy, the first thing that came to mind was: how to clean a Pippi????? hehehehehe. I remember one day bathing in Nina and Godson of my sister, both with the same age, and I by calling his mother and saying: “oh, come here wash the piupiu him that I do not know how to do that don’t”. I had no choice of names for boys, I don’t see me wearing a boy playing wrestling and stuff like that. When I found out the sex I was very excited and it was something really unexpected, because my gut told me it would be another girl. I confess that I was a little frustrated to get rid of so many outfits with bows and ruffles that had saved Nina for a future little sister and when I went to the outfit didn’t like anything he saw. Everything seemed bland. But today, with things getting more real, baby shower decoration, the room design in mind, the name chosen, the joy of my father in having your first grandchild (he always had women in life… me, my sister and Nina), my husband thanking me with eyes full of tears for a couple for him I make sure that I could not be more blessed and happy knowing that I will have the opportunity to live motherhood in the world pink and blue world also. Other than that, I imagine some conflicts between siblings can be mitigated by having a girl and a boy (I hope…).

-What’s the biggest difficulty we had when she became mother?

They say the memory of mother is wise, that if it wasn’t anyone get pregnant again. And it must be because I have a few moments of difficulty stored in the memory. But I think the hardest thing for me is to understand and convince me that I don’t have control of it, that in a few moments everything will be a mess and need to have the serenity to know that it will pass, I need Yes of opinions of others at times, and that you have to deal with many trials, mostly from people who aren’t Mamas about my actions and priorities that I have in life. All this requires a daily exercise of emotional balance so that the guilt of not being able to take care of everything don’t torment me.


-What was your goal when you created the Mommy Blog and More.

 When I was on maternity leave from Nina came the idea of creating a blog, but she was only achieved after Nina completed 1 year. Initially the main objective was to share tips and experiences, as I’ve always done it informally with friends, in addition to glimpse the possibility to live blog a day. Today I see things in a very different perspective. What the blog brings me better are the exchange of experiences and the affection of readers. I really feel very happy and fulfilled in knowing that somehow I can help someone. The financial part is illusion, requires a lot of dedication and even one day become feasible, hardly something to compensate to the point that I quit my job, since today I am fortunate to work in a place where I can reconcile perfectly to my personal life and my professional life, be in a place that I love and surrounded by very nice people.


-How do you take care of everything? You also have those days you want to go away and be alone for a while and do nothing?

 I think that social networks bring an illusion of people’s lives where everything is always perfect. I share a lot, but don’t share 12:00 am of my day, and my goal is to give tips on things that work and not get me regretting the things that didn’t. In many moments I share my troubles and candor, but I think my main feature is always see the bright side of things and not to freak out in times of crisis, which is what ends up being reflected in my posts. So, I can’t take care of everything, there’s always something to do… a workday not fulfilled that need to compensate later, piles of laundry, sink full of dirty dishes, fruit and haunted refrigerator because I didn’t have time to go to the supermarket, daughter with bouts of temper tantrum to go crazy, husband and me getting on my nerves… and obviously I have several times when I want to be alone for a while and do nothing. Normally the bathroom is my refuge (as well as several mães…rs) and somehow my job too. When Nina returned from vacation from school and I went back to work at the beginning of this year I thought: Whew, now I can rest a pouco…rs.

But despite all this, I recognize that handle much and believe the key is planning, organization, definition of priorities and focus. People see me doing dinner almost every day after a full day of work you may think I’m crazy or wonder how I can. And there is a clear example of setting priorities, where, for me, a balanced diet and healthy is at the top of the list.


-What nobody knows about the “Mother Mari”

 I thought enough to answer that question. But I think something people don’t know is that even though I have a love that does not fit in the chest for my daughter, I don’t think about her all the time during the day and Miss usually only comes when I’m leaving for her in school. I’m not the kind of mother who at all times call to see how she’s doing if I’m not around, which has cameras connected to your phone, which wanted a school with images in real time during the day to know everything that was going on in her life. I think this is really the fact that I have found a good balance between “I” and “mother I woman”. And in this regard, frankly, to blame these days goes far from me and doesn’t make me think I’m being a bad mother for my daughter because I chose to not be with her all the time. On the contrary, their attitudes and behaviors make me very quiet that I’m doing the best I can.


-Wont read other blogs of motherhood? Which?

I read several and I tend to subscribe to the Newsletter not to miss the posts of my favorites: My Dikas, Maternal Life, all about my mother, Tips for Mommy, First, Pregnant, Potential Spoonfuls Look Baby, Tricks. There are others too that I follow as calls to the posts that interest me on Instagram and facebook. But my favorites are the ones I listed.


-If I could spend 1 tip for other mothers, what would it be?

 I love a phrase that says: don’t miss mother, mother wrong.

I think it translates fully the tip I give to mothers who is – short more and worry less. You don’t need to hit always, always, be prepared to account for it, be patient, and devote only to children. Learn from mistakes and not become a prisoner of them. Don’t compare yourself with other mothers, because each family works in a way. Understand that you are the best mom that her children might have, with their qualities, weaknesses and infirmities.