{B-Side} Mari Bethlehem

Who participates in the B side of today’s Blogger Mariana Bethlehem! I met Mari in an event that we participate together last year and right away we did super well! Mari is one of those charismatic people upbeat, with an incredible energy and best of all, ultra fun and funny! Half an hour of conversation with her, laugh for sure!

Author of the Blog first-time Mom, she covers the whole universe with its maternal adventures, experiences, and difficulties as David’s mother. Love your posts about real life and the B side of motherhood. It’s more a mother who “plays on my team” without fear to life as it is.

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For those who don’t know (but I think we all know!), Mari is the daughter of Fafa de Belem and also a super artist and singer.

-What’s the biggest difficulty we had when she became mother?

I believe that the difficulties are many and, for each stage, just change their names. When he was born, the first 2 months were super hard for both to assimilate, dominated by crazy hormones, plus fatigue. We never had help of nanny and, when Laura was born the person who worked with us was just 3 x a week. It was pulled, I cried a few times. Then they had the episodes of food introduction, fly, take the finger (she sucked until practically do 3 years) and etc. Today I believe it is to administer the maternal guilt in the pulse of daily education. We’re super focused on her education and sometimes comes that little voice asking “is that it wasn’t too hard?” or “will to see her happy, relieved something now?” But in all these difficulties meeting only one answer: patience. For all these cases, patience with ladies pajamas of internetsailors.com.

-What was your goal when you created the Blog mom first trip and what he brought good for you?

before getting pregnant Laura, I lost a baby. Was with 9 weeks of gestation and discovered during a routine ultrasound. It hurt, it was horrible. On top of that, to preserve my uterus for a next pregnancy, I didn’t make any procedure like curettage, even I took meds. It took a month to make sure everything went down, and hurt physically horrors, as well as psychologically. I started the blog to share this with other women because, when I lost the baby, I thought it was rare. Nobody comes out talking about who lost baby, unless the subject arises. Searching, I learned that 20% of women lose babies, i.e. one fifth of women: a lot. I’ve spent my share on the blog the sorrows, the joys, the fullness, the emotions, the antics and everything else involving my gestation period. When Laura was born, they asked me to continue and I’m here almost 4 years

The blog has brought me so much good that I wouldn’t be able to tell you everything… I met bloggers who have become dear friends (you, for example), I learn a lot with blog readers (and followers of the blog networks) on a daily basis, I’m going to the event and learn horrors and gave me a kind of life you’ve always wanted: work with something I love, and may be near my daughter, as much as possible. I sang professionally for 12 years when I decided to just sing for love (I’m doing corporate gigs, in corner SP once a month in the same place) and live my dedication to the blog. When a person tells me that the blog helped in something, I’m on cloud nine. Not to mention all the social actions in which get involved through it. In other words, the blog I conducts personally and professionally.

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-Wont read other blogs of motherhood? Which?

Eitaaa! I read so many! In addition, your read A fantastic Mother, Is innocent mothers, Look Baby, Leticia Dream Baby, I and the kids, Mom, Petininos luggage, Just Real Moms, Mom tip … Wow, I’m actually afraid to forget some hahaha Oh! And paternity leave. The Pap.ai, the Nerd Dad and the PaiCiência

-If I could spend 1 tip for other mothers, what would it be?

I will give two. The most important and constant: patience. Everything goes with time and with experience. There is no instruction manual, you’ll meet your pup with time and will know better than anyone how to act with him. Other: balance. Everything in balance is valid and cool.

-How does it feel to be the mother of a girl? You are of those who likes to play with dolls?

is a delight! Laura now entered in vain, want to do your hair, paint your nails, choose her own clothes (even if nothing match) hahaha of course hair, nail and etc only on special days. And she’s a tomboy, even if delicate. Go to children’s parties and she is the last to go, loves going to parks, run, play. She likes to play Mommy dolls, like cooking pretend … Dad and I love playing with her.

– How do you deal with your daughter’s exposure?

I modero what I’ll post about it. Think: “I wish my mother had posted my poop and rash my social network?” and the answer you give to me, the answer is to use for her. Don’t expose her sulking, she taking lecture, her naked … As for the media, have preserved her for 5 months, for reasons our here. We go to parties, theatre and etc, there has never been any invasion or uncomfortable situation. Oh! And everything I post is passed for my husband before because everything that relates to it, we decided together

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-What is the importance of your mom in the creation of your daughter?

our… Giant. She throws herself on the floor, roll with it. And she teaches me a lot. In the beginning, when I was more noiada with everything, she gave me lightness, with look of another generation, more “India”, more walk on Earth. Helped me a lot. And not only my mom, but my mother-in-law and my husband’s aunt are essential women in her creation. Because of the support and help them and my sister-in-law (Laura’s godmother) is that it was possible for us we don’t have the help of nanny: they always helped too much.

–Family of artists, I perceive some trend in small it will also by this way?

She loves music, stage … Does music class, but for all the reasons that music helps in the development of child-and not with the intention of being an artist. Honestly, I’m going to support what she wants to do with her life, but I’m going to hope that it is not live and suffer recoveries pentelhas I always suffered, I just want you to be her hahahaha happy, that’s all. As every mother!

-What nobody knows about the “Mother Mari”

is there somewhere my mother that I haven’t opened in posts? hahaha I balance, favouring health food, but gives a juice box, ice cream and chocolate from time to time. Filling the daughter of kisses, scrolls down and cackle to hear the things she says. You need the time Mariana, is alone, with friends, to work, to relax while she’s safe and happy at a precise time and grandmothers ‘ woman with her husband, going out to dinner once in a while or even making a trip to two (even if the subject is just her hahaha). That’s tough when he needs to, but feels guilty and terrified of indulging in wrong time hahaha that is, I’m a typical mom, in love with creates.