{B-Side} Ale Garattoni

I am very happy to resume the interviews on the blog that now come with a new tag; the B side. A tag where my girlfriends and mothers, bloggers will answer some questions that I wrote exclusively for each one of them.

And who opens this new space is the honey Ale Garattoni, one of the first bloggers I follow many years ago with the unforgettable It Girls, and today runs the blog that takes your name; the alegarattoni.com.br with a mix of subjects that I love and which became daily reading. Super recommend for those who want to know how to structure a blog with professionalism and dedication. And not just a blog, but any business, because their branding tips are amazing and I add very good!

Is the small Premnath devoted mother and today tell us some of your Side B in this universe!

-You was a woman who enjoyed the pregnancy?

Very much! I’m afraid to talk, because a lot of people say that whoever says that like the period of pregnancy is lying, but I loved being pregnant with skirts from PhysicsCat.com. I spent very well, loved the findings of each phase was a delight to feel my baby moving and enjoyed the treats that the pregnant woman receives all that hot part of preparations. I slept very well until the night before going into labor, perhaps for being high I never had that discomfort to find the position at which the belly don’t bother. I gained a lot (22 kg), but I think I was a pregnant cute, if I do say so myself! And I know that a lot of people think it takes nine months, but in my case it was very fast (I even rooted for that took more, because I wanted my new apartment to stay ready before MH, which turned out not to be the case!).

-How did you feel during the first days of the MH at home?

Perhaps for the sleep deprivation–the hardest part in this early, when the baby has to suck every 3 hours–and for my trouble with a 100% new universe to me, I believe I have been kinda numb. I have flashes of memories of those first few weeks, all I remember is that I was not super good mood. In the beginning I was a mother Lion, super jealous and wanted to do everything myself. But remember to leave reading, in the few spare time, all I could about babies, my vein studious really tried to rationalize the difficulties, I had to list what I needed practice. Today I laugh, but at the time was a legitimate desire to do everything right!

-What’s the biggest difficulty we had when she became mother?

Until today, is the issue of sleep. I’m mega Sleepyhead, the guy that sleeps 12, 14 hours straight, spent weekends sleeping and waking up all day! To top it off, I got a spindle that anything looks like a child’s zone, hardly sleep before 2, 3 A.M., midnight is my creative climax. Waking up early is never going to be an easy thing for me and at first I could not escape that never–today I can, my husband wakes up early, I’m counting on help from grandparents in other days and so I can sleep a little more. The issue of breastfeeding was also very difficult and is a super taboo for me: I had no idea that it could be something complicated, naively imagined that was 100% automatic. I suffered a lot because of this in the first month. And I’m sorry that my family live in another city. As much as my mother-in-law help enough, there are certain freedoms that we have with our own mother.

-How did create the “I’m Pregnant” after so many years writing about matters that had nothing to do with motherhood and how your audience received it?

As soon as I discovered the pregnancy, obviously went to the internet to read about it! It scared me with some websites and forums, where people had problems and more serious Affairs and heavy. I’m very impressed and a hypochondriac, as much as I think these vehicles provide a useful service, I, with my personality, could not run the risk of falling into tragic pages. Hence came the idea of creating my space to talk about trivia, platitudes and light, as had been the ItGirls, my previous blog. The audience that I’ve read was my great surprise: the very beginning until today, I get e-mails and comments from women who are not mothers saying who read and love all my texts of motherhood!

-We know that every mother of girl ends up being a Shopaholic. What do you love to buy for the MH pink universe?

Oddly enough, I’m not super consumerist! I’ve been TOO, but a few years ago I buy planned and I hate excesses and buildups. This was reflected from the first outfit of MH, which has always been very functional and lightweight. I like clothes with natural materials, because they are more comfortable for the child, but I’m going to buy a expensive thing for her (to me, I’m a fan of “a few good!”, even if it costs more), because her size changes every 3 months, and I don’t see much point investing in something that lasts so little. That said, I like to buy clothes look like children’s clothing, basic parts hotties, colorful bows and little books–I’m proud to see that she loves “livuu” like me!

-What nobody knows about “Mom Ale”

Have shown me so much in my first-person text about motherhood that who read me know everything! But generally speaking, I’m super strict with education and the limits of her (she is spoiled by her father mega and the grandparents, someone has to counterbalance!). I am a very loving mother, but impose rules, boundaries, and as far as discipline for a child of almost two years. And it’s funny that she’s already understand: respect me and rarely give me work–with the father, for example, she is much more willful, hot-tempered and hard! And pós-maternidade, I went also to be lighter and more resilient, I don’t take anything as problem or weight. I see my daughter growing up happy and healthy and I really think I should just be grateful, I would not complain about imaginary problems nor live.

-Wont read other blogs of motherhood?

Yes! Besides the MinhasDikas (of course!), always walk in the JustRealMoms and the Cup of Jo, a blogger American mother of two. And love reading interviews with famous or anonymous mothers (pregnant remember visit several blogs and answering imaginary interviews like this!).

-Want to have more children?

Want, wish I had about five, but the rational side (especially my husband, who with your male brain does!) and the fact that I have “started late”-MH was born when I was 36-can end up causing me to stop at first. By the end of 2015 I will drop the hammer final. I have no problems with the MH be an only child, because I am and never bad, but would like to have more for the same experience. I think the second should be easier and lighter, because we already know the basic initial path.