Apple’s iPad-Dominance Is Seriously Challenged

The market for tablets is still growing, but Apple must not expect to sit on battle it out alone in the future. Nexus 7 and Kindle challenge strongly.

Market shares for iPad is under pressure, and although Apple’s tablet remains in the eyes of many is the only right choice, sold more and more products from competitors.

In 2011 had 81 percent of the U.S. Apple tablet market, writes Pew Research. But since then, Apple’s dominance in some markets has fallen by over 50 percent.

2012-the figures showing that Kindle from Amazon hangs well know in United States and takes 21 percent of Android’s market share of 48 percent. Apple must make do with 52 percent – in 2011, this figure was 81 percent.

Yet have Windows tablets not one sale that is worth talking about, but Ativ Loss from Samsung, has previously described as an exciting competitor.

Nexus 7 presses iPad in Japan

In Japan, Google is starting to get a good grip in the market with Nexus 7, write our site.

Market President of Nexus 7 is here at 44.4%, while Apple for comparison, 40.1%. The numbers come from research company BCN.

In Denmark, it looks somewhat different, here it continues to “iPad-land”. As we have previously described, comes 95 percent of all visits to websites from tablet iPad in our area.