Android Reaches a Market Share of 37 Per Cent in United States

Some consultants like Gartner made some very optimistic predictions about Android’s face to 2011. Still have to find out whether they will comply or not but the truth is that the data growth that come out eventually encouraged to be.

A few hours ago Nielsen He has published the data of the mobile phone in United States market for the month of March with figures showing the condition of health of Android and its dramatic evolution that has led him to achieve a market share of 37%.

According to Nielsen the trend when it comes to a new terminal is changing in the United States. In the period of June 2010 to September 2010 a 33% of consumers would choose to iOS rather than Android (26%) when you buy a new terminal.

Now, in the period of January 2011 to March 2011 a 31% would choose Android prior to iOS (30%). The fight is hard fought but in a very short period of time the operating system from Google has managed to turn the tide.

Another interesting data is the percentage of new acquisitions in the last six months. Of the respondents, the 50% acquired an Android phone while 25% opted for iOS, RIM 15% and 7% for Windows Phone 7.

In what regards the market share, as we have already mentioned, Android is leading with a 37% compared with 27% for iOS, 22% for RIM and 10% for Windows Phone 7.

Without a doubt, Android is living a sweet moment in the United States. Data are really good, which is not trivial, since in the last few months we have seen how have proliferated all kinds of mobile phones either range low, high or medium which It has helped a lot to approach to all types of consumers.