Analyst: Apple Should Have Wagered on a iPhone 4 C

iPhone 5 c is too expensive for developing countries, believe analysts. Why should Apple have wagered on a iPhone 4 c.

Growth on smarthone market lies in developing countries such as China, in the next number of years.Precisely for this reason that analysts were excited about iPhone 5 c, which sounded like an obvious candidate to be a low-cost competitor against Samsung and other manufacturers in the markets.

Many points now that iPhone 5 c, which basically is an iPhone 5 in another wrapping, is far too expensive to really to be able to do it in China, Russia, India and other similar places.

According to CNET proposes Toni Sacconaghi of Bernstein Research in an analysis to its customers that Apple should have made an iPhone 4 c – so a plastic-updated iPhone 4. Such a smartphone will be able to reduce the price by more than 20 percent, compared to the iPhone 5 c.

Sacconaghi, now expect that Apple will instead send their remaining global inventory of iPhone 4 to China, probably around a million units.