A Pointer to The Capacitive Screen of The HTC HD2, Pronto

In the month of August was spoken in the specialized media on a patent of the company consisting of a pointer to capacitive HTC, seeking to find higher definition than the one provided by a finger on the screen, since then no it has become to talk about.

Today I wake up with leaks and a first image of the attachment, and having as a target the huge screen of the HTC HD2, and if we remember the patent, we could say that it is based on a magnetic head to recreate the magnetic current that generates a finger on the capacitive screen.

It makes sense if we consider that the HTC HD2 is the first Windows Mobile device to use a capacitive screen, and that despite its important proportions could be found with the aforementioned lack of definition and the use of the pointer to which many users of Microsoft’s operating system are used.

Following the news we talked about another possible source of the pointer, and making use of the technology of the Taiwanese company HTC Dagi, Since the image that has emerged of the pointer appears to be a version customized by HTC of its developments, that as we can see in the video below are fully operational:

Even some store recognized in Internet of the United Kingdom as Clove triggered the situation by putting fixture, with the HTC-STYHD2 product at a price of 17.25 code among its products pounds, almost 20 euro.