Chicago River colored green for St. Patrick's Day

6 Reasons to Move to Chicago

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Have you thought about going to live in Chicago? The city, which sits right on the shores of Lake Michigan, is the third largest city in the United States, with about 3 million inhabitants who enjoy the perfect combination of the urban environment with the natural resources (and beauty!). Are you interested? So check out these 6 reasons for you to move there!

1. It’s easy to get around

While most cities in the United States are designed for cars, Chicago has many options for getting around. Although many people do have a car there, there are also many other ways to get around the city. For example, walking and cycling are two very popular options.

This is because the city is one of the most flat in the country, which means that you don’t have to take long walks until you reach the supermarket or a cafe, as you would in a city like Seattle or Pittsburgh. In addition, you don’t get tired having to climb hills and hills. Chicago is also very welcoming to cyclists and has many tracks, trails and parks dedicated to this type of activity.

The city’s public transport is not far behind. The train system, alongside the various bus routes, can easily take you anywhere you want to go if you decide to live in Chicago.

Chicago River colored green for St. Patrick's Day

2. Education is taken seriously in the city

Chicagoans are also among the most educated people in the United States and the city is home to some of the most renowned educational institutions in the country. The University of Chicago, for example, is well known and attracts students from all over the world. The nearby city of Evanston also stands out, with Northwestern University.

There are also many more universities and colleges in the Chicago metropolitan area, and many students choose to stay there after college. Because of this, the city has become a cultured and open-minded region, which is a wonderful place to live.

3. Unique neighborhoods

Chicago is a city full of different neighborhoods, all with different personalities and a variety of different things to offer residents. The neighborhoods there have their own stereotypes: for example, Logan Square is said to be perfect for the most creative and modern people.

That said, whether you prefer to stay close to the lake (in Lakeview or Rogers Park), or plan to be closer to the skyscrapers when you live in Chicago, you will have many options to choose from. However, each neighborhood offers everything you need within walking distance. In addition, you will also have easy access to other neighborhoods in the city.

Downtown Chicago

4. The city parks

It is a fact that Chicago has some of the best parks in the USA. These areas of the city are great for runners, cyclists and anyone who wants to spend time away from the busy streets. If you want to exercise (or stroll) by the lake, you can opt for the Navy Pier trail, which extends 29 kilometers along the coast and passes through the north and south quays.

The city also has a stunning river that can be seen up close on a boat trip or from the view of dinner at a local restaurant. Millennium Park, in turn, is famous among tourists, along with its peculiar work of art, the “Chicago Bean”.

Chicago Bean

5. There are plenty of shops and restaurants

Chicago is also an amazing place if you like to spend on clothes and food from time to time. Several famous stores can be found on the Magnificent Mile and Michigan Avenue (and elsewhere in the city as well). The Magnificent Mile got its name precisely because it is a place where you can enjoy shopping!

In the culinary field , Chicago offers restaurants that sell almost all types of food in the world. If you want traditional foods, vegan cuisine or the famous American style hot dogs and pizzas, you will have plenty of options to choose from!

6. The city has a creative side

Perhaps a little due to the influence of the city’s universities, Chicago is a haven for artists and people working in creative activities. There, everywhere you will find several museums, art galleries, shows and interesting cultural events to have fun and be inspired.

The Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Art are renowned and highly recommended institutions for art lovers who choose to live in Chicago, but the city also has space for presentations and performances: it is known by many as a great place for the theater and is also home to improvised comedy. There are many small and large theaters to check parts, shows of stand-ups , improvisation and dance.