London, U.K.

6 Best Countries to Study Architecture

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From the classic, to the Gothic and to the postmodern, the architectural inspiration comes from different parts of the world. Some countries, for example, have buildings so striking that they make them the best places to study architecture abroad. Want to know what they are? We list 6 countries here! To learn more about each country, please check countryaah.

6 Incredible countries to study architecture

1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, especially England, has no limits when it comes to architectural styles: they go, in a very eclectic way, from Westminster Abbey to the Shard building. In addition, employers around the world value architecture courses in the country, as they provide high-tech resources and quality facilities, stimulating creativity and curiosity in design . Some of the best universities in the area there are the University of Bath, the University of Cambridge and the University of Sheffield.

London, U.K.

2. China

If you are interested in ancient architectural inspirations, China will surely be the best place for you to study architecture abroad. There, you will have the opportunity to see architecture from an oriental perspective, with bilateral symmetry, wood, feng shui principles (and much more!), While learning some Mandarin. The country’s top universities in this area are Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tsinghua University and Tongji University. Courses at these institutions focus on providing a solid foundation for students, emphasizing construction with a focus on the human being.

Beijing, China

3. Italy

Studying architecture abroad surrounded by the most famous monuments in the world is undoubtedly an incredible opportunity. And this is an experience that only Italy can offer you, with the Tower of Pisa, the Duomo of Milan and the Coliseum of Rome. Many of the country’s Architecture courses are rigorous in terms of architectural theories and principles (such as the foundation), in addition to laboratory work and internships. Don’t you know Italian? No problem! Many programs are also taught in English.

Rome, Italy

4. Japan

The mix of wooden temples and modern skyscrapers makes Japan one of the most interesting places to study architecture abroad. The courses there are concerned with designing the buildings, always thinking about the people who will use the facilities. In this way, you will learn to create a structure that harmonizes with the surrounding environment. The University of Tokyo and the University of Kyoto are some of the main institutions to study in Japan in this area.

5. Spain

Spain’s unique blend of architectural styles , from traditional to modern, is as pleasant as the paella itself . The Romans and the Moors influenced many of the country’s historic buildings, creating the Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque styles that have emerged over the years among the impressive Spanish structures. Those who study architecture in Spain enjoy dynamic environments and quality design courses , with personalized guidance and various internships. Besides, who wouldn’t want to dance flamenco, learn Spanish and experience the Mediterranean climate?

Barcelona, Spain

6. United Arab Emirates

Burj Khalifa and other modern skyscrapers in the United Arab Emirates attract exchange students from all over the world to study architecture in the country. There, students can learn more about traditional Arabic design and how to use efficient materials in more challenging structures. The rapid development and urbanization of the country has made it a very attractive place internationally and that is why, today, the majority of the population speaks English. Many classes are also taught in that language. However, you can also learn some Arabic along the way!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates