Faculty of Nursing and Obstetrics Florence Nightingale

5 Best Nursing Schools in Europe

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The best nursing schools in Europe stand out internationally in the field, alongside institutions from countries like the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia. Find out now which are the five best in the Europe Continent (according to COUNTRYAAH.COM) and learn a little more about each one.

Best Nursing Schools in Europe: King’s College London – England

The Florence Nightingale College of Nursing and Obstetrics got its name in honor of one of its most famous students, who passed through the institution in the year 1860. Currently the college has about 300 employees (including teachers and technicians) and 4 thousand students.

In addition to being the best nursing school in Europe, it is also the second best in the world, behind only the School of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania, in the United States.

Faculty of Nursing and Obstetrics Florence Nightingale

The institution is divided into five main departments: Adult Nursing; Child and Family Health; Mental Health Nursing, Obstetrics and the Cicely Saunders Institute, the world’s first research center exclusively dedicated to the study of palliative care.

Undergraduate and graduate programs are offered there, with a wide variety of specializations in the areas of Nursing, Palliative Care and Obstetrics.

Best Nursing Schools in Europe: University of Southampton – England

Nursing programs at the University of Southampton are offered by the School of Health Sciences. The institution is known for offering dual training programs (undergraduate + master’s) for nurses.

Because of this, programs of 3 years (only bachelor’s) and 4 years (bachelor’s and master’s) can be found there. In the first category, Child Nursing and Mental Health Nursing programs are offered. In the second, the options are Child and Adult Nursing, Adult Mental Health Nursing and Child Mental Health Nursing.

In addition, three postgraduate programs (only for those who already have a master’s degree) are also offered in Adult Nursing, Child Nursing and Mental Health Nursing.

In the QS ranking, the University of Southampton is ranked fifth overall among the best nursing schools in the world, just behind the University of Washington, in the United States, and in front of the famous Yale University.

Best Nursing Schools in Europe: University of Manchester – England

At the University of Manchester, nursing programs are part of the institution’s Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health.

At the undergraduate level, 6 Bnurs programs (aimed at the academic field of Nursing) are offered in the areas of Adult Nursing, Child Nursing and Mental Health Nursing. In graduate school, there is the Master’s program in Advanced Leadership for Professional Nursing Practice and the PhD (3 or 4 years) and MPhil (1 or 2 years) doctoral programs in the area.

In addition to these, the university also has postgraduate programs in complementary areas, such as Public Health, Global Health, Clinical Research, Health and Social Assistance and Specialized Practice in Cancer.

In the QS world ranking of Nursing, the University of Manchester is in eighth place, tied with the Lawrence S. Bloomberg College of Nursing at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Manchester University School of Biology

Best Nursing Schools in Europe: Karolinska Institute – Sweden

The Nursing division of the Karolinska Institute (which is a world reference in the field of Health) also offers undergraduate and graduate programs, including specializations in areas such as Emergency Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Anesthesia, Pediatric Nursing, Geriatric Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Oncology and Public Health.

The institution’s hallmark is the effort to integrate classroom teaching, research and clinical practice, with the objective of constituting an academic arena active in the international development of nursing research and the nursing profession.

The Nursing Division of the Karolinska Institute has about 1000 students in its undergraduate program (about 1/3 of them enrolled in online courses) and around 600 in specialization programs.

In the general ranking of QS, the institution ranks 18th, tied with the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta, in Canada.

Best Nursing Schools in Europe: University of Edinburgh – Scotland

At the University of Edinburgh, nursing programs are part of the School of Health in Social Sciences.

As one of the first universities to offer a nursing degree in the UK, the University of Edinburgh has a long tradition of technical training for nurses, offering undergraduate and graduate programs in teaching and research, as well as professional development courses continuous.

The University of Edinburgh ranks 23rd worldwide in the QS ranking, tied with the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

Edinburgh University School of Health in Social Sciences

Honorable mentions

The following institutions complete the TOP 10 of the best nursing schools in Europe:

  • University of Nottingham – England (28th place)
  • Turku University – Finland (30th place)
  • Leeds University – England (45th place)
  • Lund University – Sweden (47th place)
  • Trinity College Dublin- Ireland (48th place)