10 Things You Can Not Miss in a Traveler’s Backpack

Packing the suitcase is for many people the best part of the trip.What can not be missing at all?Dubbi users, the Brazilian travel question and answer site, give the hint .


Before leaving home, send copies of basic documents, such as a passport and a vaccination certificate, by e-mail. Also have certified copies of them in your backpack. This can be important in case you lose some.


Photos: Gustavo Toshio Yasunaka


The traveler Amaranta Damous recommends leaving a space for a small personal pharmacy. It is important to have on hand painkillers, antipyretics, antiallergics, anti-inflammatories, antacids, medications for intestinal discomforts and band-aids – after all, you never know what might happen while traveling.

Basic clothing

If you have carry-on luggage, reserve space in your handbag for underwear (briefs, panties and bras), a T-shirt, pants, and comfortable shoes.”I’ve had experience with the loss of my backpack, which arrived only a few days later,” said Tiago Imperatori.


Locking up the backpack is a good precaution for those who sleep in hostels and even in hotels.A simple padlock, which comes out for about $ 15, and two key copies, can save the trip.

Power Adapters

The famous benjamin, “T” or adapter may be missing a lot.If the trip is to the UK, be sure to use a specific jack input.It is very easy to find universal adapters in Brazil for about R $ 20.

Water bottle

Water can be expensive outside the country.Therefore, always walk with a bottle in your hand and fill whenever you see a drinking fountain, especially if you are going for long trails and walks.

Credits: credito-Gustavo-Toshio-Yasunaka2


The rain can melar a whole walk.So it’s never too easy to put an umbrella or a cover in the bag.

Toilet paper

At the time of the tightening, the toilet paper saves Paulo Lopes.”I have an accelerated metabolism, and another, we never know the state of the bathroom when we are traveling.”

Notebook for notes

Whether it’s to jot down information along the way or keep a diary, backpackers may regret it if they do not keep the memories of the trip.”I’m not leaving without a notebook,” says the backpacker Martha Sousa.

Photographic camera

A camera is the best companion of many trips.”It’s a way landscapes never go out of memory,” says Fernanda Steinhorn.