10 Dilemmas That Every Big Breasted Woman Suffers

Daily situations that can be real dramas for those who have full breasts but do not have to be a total nightmare

One of the greatest beauty targets of recent times are the large breasts and many of the women who were not born gifted with these attributes are willing to invest a lot of money in a surgery to reach the very desires full breasts.

Since women who naturally have this characteristic and who tend to put on weight in the upper body, the breasts are the first to report weight gain.In the days of the famous Pre Menstrual Tension, the swelling of the breasts can make them bigger.

Despite all the advantages of full breasts and being a constant pursuit of many women, the size and shape of the breasts can create some obstacles in the day to day that involve from the choice of underwear, the neckline and even the swimwear.


Buying underwear becomes a challenge for women who have large breasts.The Brazilian market still does not produce bras that have adaptable measures for the size of the chest and separately for the breasts themselves according to THERIGHTBRAS.

Therefore, it is very common for the bra to tighten on the back or to get small in the “cup”, sometimes providing uncomfortable moments such as pain and strong marks of the bra on the skin.


In a special event there are numerous models of dresses available in the market, however the great majority comes accompanied by deep necklines in the front and the back, as well as the popular will make it fall.All these models do not allow the use of a normal bra and sometimes require invisible bras, which do not provide the necessary support for the breasts.

Therefore, some women are very limited in the choice of dress and often find themselves forced to opt for models that do not provide the sensuality that they intended to cause with the model chosen, because they find options of dresses more closed at the top.


The problems in finding the right bathing piece are similar to the problems in finding the best intimate piece.Many Brazilian brands do not make models that prioritize the bust, focusing attention usually on the underside of the bikini.

So it becomes a real battle to find a bikini that gives the necessary support to the breasts and favors them, that they do not look fallen and that does not squeeze unwanted fat from the back.


Running and descending stairs can be embarrassing times for large breasts.When the body is in motion it is as if the breasts gained their own life, which is evidenced by the bras or tops that are not so tight to the body.

The same feeling can be experienced when the car goes through a street with many holes.In these situations many women end up resorting to the use of 2 tops, one on top of the other, in search of keeping the breasts more secure and close to the body.


In addition to all other limitations suffered by women with large breasts, this limitation also reaches the sleeping position.Sleeping on your stomach may not be a good option as your breasts are pressed down to cause pain and swelling the day after a night’s sleep.

Therefore, it is safer and more comfortable sleeping on your side or with your belly up.The menstrual period increases sensitivity of the breasts often leaving them sore, being necessary to avoid the direct friction of this part of the body with the mattress.


A garment with a cleavage can enhance a woman’s breasts and entire body.But when your breasts are large you need more dedication when choosing the neckline that best fits the woman’s breast and body type.Both the excess neckline and the lack of it can detract from the final result of the look.

Some models can greatly press the breasts and cause an impression of being even larger, providing an aesthetic of chest shortening.Models with no décolleté can flatten the upper part of the body, leaving it in great inequality with the lower part.


The shirt is a piece of clothing very adopted in the feminine wardrobe, mainly for the looks of work.However, the piece also offers some hardship for women with full breasts.

It is very common that there is an opening between one button and another, showing more than desired.In these cases, many women resort to pins to hold the fabric of the garment in place and not show too much.


The bag with cross handle is a practical alternative for everyday use.But it can affect women who have large breasts, and if you usually use a heavy bag, the purse strap can press the breasts to leave the area sore.

The combination of the neckline with the neckline can also be a trap.By adding these two elements, the bag can take the fabric of the blouse down and the breasts can be more exposed than intended.


Due to the weight of the breast, the bra strap becomes overloaded, often even injuring the skin of the shoulder, not counting the bruises on the back.It is common for the region to redden and even cut the skin.

Some companies have already developed products to alleviate this problem – rubber adapters to fit the handle that diminish the contact of the thin loop with the body, preventing injuries.


The infamous “pizza” of underarm sweat has gained a new version:the “pizza” of breasts!On days of intense heat, this is a risk that well-breasted women run, even more so if that sum contains an element called physical exercise.

The tip to avoid this type of dilemma is to always choose more ventilated environments, avoid synthetic fabrics and whenever possible choose pieces of clothing from cotton fabrics that heat less in contact with the body and let the skin breathe.

Being the natural breasts or the result of cosmetic surgery, there will always be a way to value them and overcome adversities. The important thing is to accept and always find a way to use its characteristics in your favor. It is also worth investing in good bras so that you have more comfort and that the health of your back is not impaired.