You Run the Risk of Extra Expense for Support Calls, Despite the “Free Speech”

Mobile Bill can be more expensive than expected, if you need help with, for example, online banking by telephone or cell phone.

You can easily get an extra Bill for conversations, even if you have not used the number of minutes that are included in your subscription.

Most of the country’s major telecommunications companies take for extra charge for calls to numbers, such as 70 will be keyed in on your screen when you call for companies to get customer support.

This applies, among other things, telecommunications company.

-“How is it just in here. Something is included, and something is not included. In advance, it will be the cheaper and cheaper to call on the phone. And I do not think that the overturning loaded, the extra payment to the service numbers here, “says Mazin, communication consultant at our site.

According to the site, it is only with Telenor out of the four biggest telecommunications companies, where customers may know themselves to be sure that the included hours subscription also covers service numbers. Both Vodafone and TDC have subscriptions that follow the same practice as our site.

Companies can choose to create a track, where they even assume the cost for support instead of customers.

However, it was not the case for the pensioners’ Prakash, which called for Danske Bank in order to get help for NetBank. As in the case of a 70-number, he got an additional collection of 70 dollars in addition to the usual 150 crowns at our site, even though he has six hours included in the subscription.

-“But it was not something I was aware of. I just thought that six hours of talk time is six hours of talk time, “he told our site.